Creative iOS Apps that lets you do the way you intended to do

It’s not only the Social media apps like Facebook, twitter, etc. but also some creative designing and music apps rule the world of Smartphone users. Regardless of many competitions from Android apps, iOS apps are still ahead of everything in the aspects of creativity, productivity and user friendliness. In recent times, there is a huge debate that the app developers mainly focus on consumption than that of the creativity along with productivity.

Whether you would like to play some amazing games on the go or would like to sketch something when you find time, you don’t want to know or learn how to build the preferred app. Rather you can always surf through the app store to find the app of your choice. Following are some of the best iphone apps of 2015 that you would like to have and use.

Vine: The Personal Video Distributer
Initially developed as a video sharing app for Twitter, Vine has now turned into a community that lets you share your tricks like stop motion, jump cuts etc. It has various categories from animals to family, DIY to art, comedy to music and lot more. Vine comes with enormous editing features that let you do the way you want the video to be.
Company: Vine Labs
Price: Freeware

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Dubsmash: The Dubbing Artist
Lip sync is now made easier! Bring out the actor in you with the help of this app. One of the creative, funny apps, Dubsmash lets you act to the famous movie clips, dialogues and also to your lovable concert clips. It also allows you to directly share the composed video to your friends on Whatsapp, Facebook and even via a multimedia message. Not only sharing but also allows download to your local phone drive.
Company: Mobile Motion GmbH
Price: Freeware
Dubsmash 1Dubsmash 2Dubsmash 3

Cinamatic: The Retro Video Editor
Cinamatic allows you to creative short clips of about 60 seconds that can be applied with retro visual effects. It also allows you to directly share the created videos on YouTube or on the social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and more.
Company: Hipstamatic
Price: Freeware

Paper by Fifty: The Digital Notebook
This tool will make you act like an artist. You can use the built-in feature like virtual pen and tools to sketch, and also write and scribble whatever you want over the image. Plus, the stylus which acts as a pencil will be of more use. “Ideal for jotting down notes, sketches, or your next big idea, this phenomenal app sets a new standard” – Apple App of the Year 2012.
Company: FiftyThree, Inc.
Price: Freeware

screen480x480screen480x480 1

Sketches – The Digital Art Toolbox
Reveal the artist in you with the help of an app called Sketch. It makes everything possible to do anything you wish to draw. The cutting edge UI and the tools like brushes, pencils, sketches and more to helps you take notes and even sketch architectures, watercolor painting and cartoon illustration. The makes say, “Because we think that beautiful tools make beautiful drawings, we made the best and most beautiful tools there is!”
Company: Tayasui
Price: Freeware

Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone: The Professional Editor
The popular photo editing app. Not only popular but also professionals. For those who look for a professional photo editor to use it on the on, the Adobe Photoshop Touch will be a apt choice to download and have it in their iDevices. This app is same as what we use in desktops and the features in it are more similar to the desktop version. A must have app for all photographers and editors.
Company: Adobe Systems
Price: £3.99


Procreate: The Creative Editor
You don’t have to compromise your design for any feature lack when you use the Procreate app to design something best. The 64-bit color gives every artwork a real touch. This app won the Apple Design Award on 2013.
Company: Procreate
Price: £4.49

City Spot – The Traveler’s Best
If you love travelling to places around the world, then the City Spot app will be a good companion as it helps you find nearby places. Using City Spot, one can easily spot destinations like malls, shopping centers, restaurants, pubs, bars and lot more. This apps uses the core GPS to spot places nearby the device. And it was developed by K2B Solutions, a mobile app development company.
Company: K2B Solutions
Price: Freeware

screen568x568screen568x568 (1)City-Spot-5screen568x568 (3)

iA Writer – A clean tool:
A simple and elegant tool which every writer like and love like anything. iA Writer says. “It is a quintessential writing machine”. This beast allows writer to sync their documents on to their iCloud and Dropbox account.It has focused mode and innovative formatting skills.
Company: iA
Price: £7.99

Alto’s Adventure: A Game Changer
Finally, a game has entered into the list of creative app. The Alto’s Adventure gives you seamless opportunities and sure to catch your eyes. The controls are really easy, just a tap would do good to make a jump. A game that everyone loves.
Company: snowman
Price: Freeware

2015 Web Arena – A Infographic

It is clearly evident how the web world and the websites have evolved over the time. In early 90s, the websites used funky colors, fluffy fonts and even a pale music in the background. But now the websites are like professional and neat. Web designers started developing websites with minimalistic approach to make everything look simple and more user friendly. 2015 web arena is likely to be more creative with responsive designs, monochromatic colors and horizontal scrolling.


Social Media Marketing – A Boon for Your Business

With increasing market demands, Social Media is sure to take the world of sales and marketing to greater heights. Facebook is leading the race followed by Google+ and twitter. Social shopping is taking up its head as 74% of online users use social media. Modern day marketers use it as the primary platform to announce or launch their product and business services.

As a result of a research, K2B Solutions’ digital marketing team designed this infographic on Social media marketing and its impact on business.



Google’s New Search Update – Mobile Friendly Algorithm

Google is up on the mark of its new mobile friendly algorithm which is sure to shake the life of every webmaster. It recently announced that the mobile friendly and responsive websites are going to have good results on search ranking. As per Google’s news, this algorithm will come to effect from 21st April, 2015 which will help mobile searches in all languages. It caught up the eyes of webmasters and now they are really busy to make changes to cope up with the new algorithm and websites failing to do so are sure to be penalized.

Why mobile friendly websites?

The world is now moving towards mobile and eventually there are many users who actually access internet from their Smartphone and mobile devices rather doing it on desktops/PCs. A recent survey stated that around 80% internet users own a Smartphone and also 7 out of every 8 minutes of media consumption activity is done using a Smartphone. Smartphone has overcome the media usage when compared with that of tablets.

This is why now Google is on the track of updating its algorithm. This mobile friendly algorithm is sure to create a huge impact than that of the impact created by Panda and Penguin, Google’s previous algorithms.

Algorithm’s impact on your business:

You might have few questions like how this algorithm will create an impact on my business? and how to check whether my website is mobile friendly? Here are few things which help you get clear.

It is pretty easy to find whether you site is mobile friendly or not. Just by running Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.


Another way is by using your Smartphone. Search you website on you Android, iOS or Windows device and if you find the Mobile-Friendly Label on the search engine result page (SERP), they you are safe and your website is mobile friendly.


What this algorithm does?

Google has used the word “Significant” which does mean a lot. This is what Google said, “This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.” Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg did a small dig in the Google’s Webmaster blog archives and found that Google used the word “significant” for algorithms like Panda 1.0 in 2012, Crawling in 2012, Linking in 2009 and Markup in 2010. And as per his predictions, non-optimized mobile pages will drop from the mobile search rankings and eventually in the desktop ranking too.

Here are few significant features that this algorithm offers

  • Very main and notable feature of the mobile friendly algorithm is that it accesses every page individually rather than that of the website on the whole. This means that if your mobile has both optimized and non optimized pages, this algorithm only concentrates on the optimized page and then promotes them. The non optimized page will remain the same i.e. without any promotion.
  • Algorithm operates on real time. Webmasters do have a query of when do they need to update their mobile friendliness of the website. Google came up with a clear answer stating that ‘as the algorithm operated on real time the changes can be done at anytime and once the Google picks up the changes, the site will gain its benefits from new algorithm’.
  • Mix and match of desktop and mobile features is also a key factor in this algorithm. As an assumption, we can conclude that the features that are good for desktop is also good for mobile.
  • App indexing plays a major role in search results. Google Webmaster Central said,” Starting today, we will begin to use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed. As a result, we may now surface content from indexed apps more prominently in search.” This feature is just used to tighten the space or gap between the mobile search and mobile application.


Google is leading the way in taking up search to a new level i.e. it is spreading its word to make every possible solutions come true on mobile. The following is what we need to do to be in the race

  • Build your website responsive and mobile friendly
  • Use webmaster tools and clear all the mobile usability issues which your website faces
  • Associate your android app (if you have any)to the website to get it deep linked and index it as soon as possible
  • Monitor you metrics and stats carefully until and following the launch of the algorithm change on 21st April, 2015

Source Code Management – Top Tools in the Industry

At the start, it was like all data and project information were recorded in a spreadsheet. A release engineer was responsible to keep track of the data like the project and the developer’s relationship and also the issues along with their status. As the saying goes, “To err is human”, there were lots of problem and misleads. To overcome this situation, Source Code Management system was developed.

SCM – A scheme to record project details:

Source Code Management (SCM) system is used to track project details right from the member allocation to the issues status. It is also used to maintain a team’s coordination and services between the members. This SCM system reduces human errors and offers version control and file management schemes that reduces overwriting when a file is committed by more than a member.

Easy-to-use Tools that help SCM:

Industry has many Source Code Management (SCM) tools that tracks and offers control over the changes made to the repository or project. Below explained are some of the top SCM tools.

SUBVERSION (SVN) – The most commonly used:

Subversion is a version control tool which easily adapts to various users. Many leading Subversion SVSprojects like Apache, SourceForge, Ruby and even Python use SVN as their version control system to distribute code. Different Subversions are available for different OS like Windows which use Tortoise, MAC which uses Versions. Subversion can be used by different professionals from designers to developers and more. Major benefits of SVN over other versioning software/tools are

  • Tracks revision in a systematic way
  • Cleanly maintains the history of even a small change made to the repository
  • Allows check the changes made with another revision
  • Easily integrates with the OS shell
  • Perfect support when needed


CVS - Source Code MgmtOne among the oldest source code management tool, Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) is easy to use and even easy to learn. It is very simple to make sure file updates and revision are kept updated. Same as SVN, CVS also have many clients like TortoiseCVS for Windows, Xcode for MAC and more. It is mostly used by technical writers, system administrators and more. Some of the common factors to choose CVS are as follows

  • Used in huge programming projects
  • Stores files in a central repository
  • History is retained completely
  • At any point-of-time, “Commit” command can be easily called back.
  • Simple and elegant system

Git – The Rising Star:

Git, a source code management tool, offers a different kind of versioning called distributed version control system. It means that the code is not maintained in a Gitsingle central system rather it is divided and distributed among different bases. Because of this technique, Git has become one of the fastest source code management tools. Many open source projects like Linux Kernel, Fedora and more uses this tool. Github, a social networking site for developers, establishes Git as a version control tool for large projects. Github offers a creative frontend for projects like Prototype and more. Benefits of Git over SVN and CVS are

  • Fastest of all the Source Code Management (SCM) tools
  • Works as a distributed version control system
  • Deployed with full version-tracking capabilities
  • Easy branch handling schemes
  • Required space to deploy this is really low

MERCURIAL – The Care Taker for Larger Projects:

Mercurial-SCMSimilar to Git, Mercurial is also an open source distributed version control system which is little outside the scope of many designers and developers. This doesn’t mean that only small organization or small team shouldn’t use it. Mercurial is also extremely fast and the title is stated from the word Mercury referring god with eloquence, swiftness and cleverness characteristics.

As said earlier, Git is quite complex for beginners while Mercurial has a much simpler system that even a beginner can use. It is preloaded with stand-alone web interface and extensive documentation.

  • Mercurial’s command line interface is elegant, stable and fully featured
  • Advanced GUI support
  • You can contact the developers directly and suggest them with what you would like to add
  • Provides support with clear training

 LibreSource – The Manager of Collaborative Projects:

Based on Java/J2EE, LibreSource is a set of collaborative too offers teams or individuals a very effective solution to keep their repository.


It is also called as the collaborative hub for project development. This SCM tool comes with built-in forums, Wiki pages, Subversion repositories, drop boxes, forms and more. This is simple yet effective tool which can be used by small developer too who are not a technical jargon. Some attention seeking benefits are

  • Many built-in features make it a more important tool
  • Simple and easy to use

Source Code Management has taken the project management and issue tracking and recording to a new level. Project management is now made easy!

Apple AirPrint – Does it mean a WiFi!

Apple AirPrint

AirPrint – an exclusive feature that helps you print files directly from your iDevice. Sometimes it is misunderstood as Wi-Fi device, but AirPrint is just a application kind of feature that every iDevice starting from OS X Lion and iOS 4.2.1 has.

AirPrint - Infographic

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