B2b Website Marketing Strategy to Improve Your ROI

In order to get success in your business, you need successful B2B marketing tactics. Suppose, if you are not able to recognize qualified leads that are ready to close or if your website is not moving customers through the sales cycle rapidly, it is evident that your B2B website marketing strategy is not working well. Building a powerful lead qualification system using that provides measurable results is the lynchpin for all successful B2B marketing tactics.

Marketing StrategyHow good performers use B2B integration to drive high Return on Investment?

The enterprises all over the world should improve electronic integration of information and communications, especially when engaging with suppliers and customers, for maintaining a competitive edge in their different sectors.

When organizations endeavor to enhance B2B collaboration and data sharing, many of them find operations to be divided and disconnected internally, which impede activities to develop the organization.

A business landscape that is not incorporated appropriately can become gratuitously intricate, which increases the time, resources and energy required to employ change or make enhancements across operations, locations and departments.

Evidence supporting B2B integration benefits

A recent study showed the numerous ways that the B2B integration empowers great business execution in a different variety of industries. The research found a great correlation between B2B integration solutions and good economic and business improvement execution in the short and long term.

The best performers in B2B integration strategies established some general practices to accurately exploit the technology to drive high ROI such as

  • Recognizing the business value of B2B integration and organizing the benefits that can practically be accomplished with every investment instead of simply measurable gains
  • Building a comprehensive strategy to facilitate electronic trading of data with customers, suppliers and partners
  • Establishing system foundations to find out and address core application  restrictions and separates internal systems when gathering and sharing information
  • Instigating  a platform approach to B2B integration, which concentrates on visibility, consistency and automation across all channels and interactions
  • Performing due diligence to make sure that a B2B solution implemented accurately matching organization’s needs and cultural needs
  • Committing the essential energy and providing financial support to B2B integration attempts to make sure sufficient resources are available to assist the technology accomplish its complete potential

What B2B integration proffers?

To easily connect communications with your external partners between systems and other business communities, you need to implement B2B integration tool in your business.

All business partners might be incorporated into communication strategies and decision making regardless of the size or location, whereas business processes across the enterprise could be streamlined effectively.

B2B integration technology allows a company to identify the areas of weakness and share insights quickly. Thus, it enables the company to improve data security efforts throughout the company.

B2B integration and connectivity solution needs

To securely integrate trading partners into business processes and communications, B2B integration and connectivity solutions must

  • Make it simpler to manage relationships with partners for long-term sustainability
  • Map and transform a different variety of data sources
  • Offer a good quality encryption and data security abilities to support advanced authentication efforts
  • Support communication protocols, standards, files and data formats

So many organizations comprehend the significance of B2B integration technology and applications, however wind up spending excessively on the solutions or select inappropriate choices that do not fit company skills, experience and business requests. So, it is imperative for business leaders to proactively inquire about and research B2B integration options to confirm what technology best suits their requirements without squandering time or money on poor decisions.

Instead of concentrating on beating the competitors who have already launched their B2B solutions, business leaders must concentrate on their own requirements and demands in order to make sure that the B2B integration technology provides high ROI and efficiency advantages throughout the supply chain.

Businesses all over the world must consider B2B integration needs both within and outside the enterprise when building information management strategies that help to connect a disjoint environment.

The supply chain activity might be optimized in a commercial manner through better integration of data with partners, and to attain these endpoints, organizations should apply the suitable IT and cloud-based services and solutions to support such initiatives and future sustainability.

Worrying about technical problems on your website? Expression Engine is there for you!

Generally, technical problems are bound to occur on your dream website, but as a user you would not like to be left alone in dealing and solving the problems.

Online videos, articles, blogs and forums may give good insights, but the important thing that you need is somebody who can reach you as soon as possible, get straight to the in-depth of your problems and explain you what to do and how to solve the problems.

Expression Engine (EE) Content Management System is the best solution. This content management system consists of a dedicated support team that helps you at your beck and call. You will not be required to wait for an uncertain amount of time for simply getting response from the team, as you are dealing with highly qualified personnel. Also, you will be getting the assurance that you get the best expert solutions for all your problems.

Express-EngineExpression Engine is used to build comprehensive applications and websites. It provides you a full suite of extensions, themes and modules that enables you to build websites for almost any kind of requirements.

Some of the benefits of using Expression Engine are as follows

  • Strong Support: Expression Engine is the best content management system when compared to others because of its dedicated technical and professional support team. However, other content management systems have only official forums to address the requirements of their users. Hence, it is difficult for the content management systems to separate legitimate professional opinions from those that are not.

There are well-intentioned and highly qualified experienced developers there, but there are also developers who may not have the qualifications to respond your questions effectively.Moreover, there is no assurance that you will always get a response whenever you require.

The members of the forums may attend to you   straight away, but they may delay in responding you or refer you to another page. Also, they may sometimes ignore your questions completely.

  • Highly-extensible: The designers who use Expression Engine do not encounter problems when they do custom designs for their customers. As Expression Engine provides thousands of applications, themes, modules and plug-ins, the designers can able to easily figure out the right combination of components that is truly responsive to the requirements of the clients.The well-experienced developers of the Expression Engine community regularly update their libraries with their newest creations of free    as well as paid themes and plug-ins. Suppose, if what you need is not available, then your Expression Engine developer can build them       based on your requirements.
  • Secure: If you use Expression Engine to develop your website, then your website and its content will be highly secured. Expression Engine has a built-in framework that helps in integrating Captcha verifications (a plug-in that inform you whether a comment is automatically generated or not), an audit trail, content approval and e-mail verification. Also, Expression Engine supports secure sockets layer or SSL to provide more user security.
  • User-friendly: Foradministrators, Expression Engine provides a user-friendly administrative control with many features such as admin logs, searchable content forums, site membership, a blacklist and whitelist module, SQL, data export and extension manager. You can manage the activities of your users by assigning multiple administrators, create member groups, entail member activation, manage user profiles and customize fields.

It is not obvious to have a glitch-free website. However, you can always get help from someone to resolve your problems instantly. This is Expression Engine content management system’s area of specialty.

Expression Engine helps you to avoid the headaches that come from insufficient or delayed technical assistance. So, get ready to build your dream website today!

Internal Linking Strategy and the Benefit of Having a Sitemap

Internal Linking Strategy

Building internal links is the best option to create incoming links to the web pages of your website or blog. To create natural incoming links, you need to combine great content and internal linking.


Internal link building strategy is divided into two sections:

  • Website Construction
  • Within Your Content

Let us see how website construction can be effectively done for improved internal linking building process.

Site Navigation:
Site Navigation can be broken down into two sub-divisions such as

  • Main Page Navigation: This navigation usually links to the main pages on your website. For example: Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, Site Map, etc.
  • Sub Navigation: This navigation could include categories. E.g. For services, an eCommerce website or blog.

You can have all your site navigation together in a dynamic menu, or else, you can split up the site navigation into a main navigation bar and sub-menu. But, you need to improve your internal link building as well as on-site search engine optimization.

To do this, you need to

  • Use text links instead of using image links
  • Use a CSS dynamic menu instead of using a JavaScript driven menu
  • Provide breadcrumb navigation
  • Include a site map link on your website
  • Have your categories well organized and use keywords to describe each category
  • Have your home page link to your domain name
  • Make a conscience choice regarding the file names of your web pages

Tips for general site construction internal linking:

  • Use the same extension at the end of your links for all links
  • Make your internal links absolute links
  • Include the title attribute in your links
  • Include related pages and article links at the end of the page
  • Use keywords and phrases for your linked text

Internal Link Building within Content
To build your internal link, you need to link your web page content to related web pages on the website or blog. Smart internal linking constricts web content structure and this informs the search engines about which word or keyword are related to your web pages on your website.

The tips for in-content internal link building are similar to the tips given for your site construction:

  • Use text links, not linked images
  • Link to your domain name when you want to link to your home page
  • Use absolute links, not relative links
  • Include the title attribute in your links
  • Use keywords and phrases for your linked text

Benefits Of Having A Sitemap

One of the most important elements of business success is a website’s ranking with the search engines. It is imperative to get your web pages indexed, so that you can show up your business website in the results of searches usually done by using the famous search engines.

Indexing is nothing but a process by which search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, send their robots to process and sort out the web pages on your website. Some search engines may find it very difficult to find out all the web pages on your website, if the web pages are deeply buried.

Some techniques are there that help the search engines to find all the web pages on your website. These techniques enable your website visitors to find all the web pages and move through your site easily.

The following tips are basically for the search engine “Google”, because Google is the one that is dominating the internet at present. When compared to other directories and search engines, such as Yahoo, MSN, etc., Google has the ability to bring in more visitors to your website.

Indexing Depth

The Google’s robot visits your website often only if you update your website on a regular basis. Based on the layering levels of your website’s tree, the depth of indexing will be done by Google.

The first level page is your homepage and any page that is linked to the homepage is the second level. Also, the pages that are linked to the second level pages and not linked to the home page are considered as the third level pages.

While indexing your web pages, the depth that Google will travel will depend on the page ranking of each web page on your website. If your homepage has a good ranking, then the second level pages will be indexed by Google. However, Google will not index any pages at a level beyond the second level pages.


A Sitemap helps your website visitors to find any web pages that they are interested in viewing on your website. It gives the visitors a quick and easy way to navigate your website. It also has a benefit for the search engines.

The New Sitemap

Google sitemap is a new kind of sitemap that you can use on your website. This sitemap slightly differs from traditional sitemaps. It is a file on your website’s server that displays all the web pages on your website and also their attributes. This helps Google to read the file and know about the web pages on your website. By using this Google sitemap, you can specify how much each web page on your website is updated and what the index priorities are for each web page.

Magento Ecommerce Extension for Product & Online Sales Promotion

One of the most famous Magento Ecommerce Extension used by the majority of eCommerce store owners for product and online sales promotion is “MagentoCRUX Advance Shop By”. This Magento Ecommerce Extension is created by Maven Store. It is mainly created for eCommerce stores running on Magento.


MagentoCRUX Advance Shop By is primarily used by online retailers to effectively drive in the interest of visitors towards their most profitable or cost-effective products. It also helps them to boost revenues by arousing, attracting and capturing the interest of prospects in selected products.

By using this Magento Ecommerce Extension, you can make your visitors to spend more time on your website, as this extension reduces the chances of aimless surfing done by your visitors on your website.

MagentoCRUX Advance Shop By extension consists of a combination of effective and robust modules. Each module is used for performing tasks that are targeted to a specific online sales promotion approach.

MagentoCRUX Advance Shop By extension provides you several useful plugins such as

  • New Arrivals
  • Most Viewed
  • Most Sold
  • Most Reviewed
  • Most Rated
  • Most Tagged
  • Absolute Free
  • Editors’ Picks
  • Clearance
  • Great Offers

The tabbed block usage system helps you to easily place the plugins on the home page of your eCommerce website. Moreover, the labels of all features will appear on the product listing pages itself.

This Magento Ecommerce Extension also allows you to highlight your most profitable product with an icon that says whether the product is one of the “new arrival”, “most sold”, “most reviewed”, ”most viewed” and so on.

However, MagentoCRUX Advance Shop By is considered as a Magento Web Administrator’s amusement. This is because the Magento Ecommerce Extension is very easy to install and run, and it is impeccably integrated with Content Management System or CMS blocks also.

MagentoCRUX Advance Shop By allows you to enable or disable options or sub-modules instantaneously. Moreover, this extension is extremely scalable and however there is no limit to the amount of products that can be categorized or sorted by any sub-module of MagentoCRUX Advance Shop By.

Magento-CruxAs a Magneto Ecommerce Extension, MagentoCRUX Advance Shop By is being apparent on the distinct Magento web store. It provides a tabbed layout that categorizes or sorts out  various products by different criteria such as New Arrivals, Most Viewed, Most Sold, Most Reviewed, Most Rated, Most Tagged, Absolute Free, Editors’ Picks, Clearance and Great Offers.

Also, you can display the navigation choices on the header, footer or on the side panels of the home page of your eCommerce website. You can also make the navigation choices appear on the landing pages of your website as well.

In addition, MagentoCRUX Advance Shop By provides comprehensive back-end management settings. These settings allow you to emphasize the key products or the most important products on your web store. Besides helping online retailers, this Magento Ecommerce Extension also provides benefits to your customers and shoppers.

If you use this Magento Ecommerce Extension on your Magento eCommerce website, your website visitors can able to get a quick idea on

  • Which are the top-selling products
  • Which products have been rated and reviewed
  • Which product is everyone buying
  • Which product has offers and discounts

Hence, the attention of your website visitors will be directed to the products that have price discounts and clearance offers. Therefore, the navigation and checkout become easy and straightforward for your customers.

Getting confused with the idea of Internet Marketing? These simple steps will help you to get success!

Online Marketing or Internet Marketing is one of the quickest ways to increase your profitability. It seeks to achieve fundamental goals such as promoting a company’s information, products or services. To achieve such goals, a marketer should do research on the target audience and the requirements of potential customers. This enables the marketer to effectively promote the company as well as the products and services.

ImageOnline Marketing can have a tremendous impact on your business, no matter what your niche is, but you need to know how to go about it.

The following tips can help you to get your bearings and get you moving in the right direction:

•    To grab the attention of visitors, you need to have a flashy website for your business. But, make sure that the website is also not distracting the visitors. The main idea is to grab the attention of your visitors and entice them to spend more time exploring your website.

•    Ensure that you spend some amount of time in learning something about web design. You can use the internet to get more information about the languages, such as CSS, HTML and PHP, that are used to create web designs.

•    Develop a squeeze page in your website to build up your contacts. This page acts as a gateway that requests your website visitors for their email address before they continue exploring your web site.

•    Add in specials on the checkout page. This helps your customers to know what else products are there for sale.
•    Allow your clients to post a review about your products they have purchased. This helps other potential customers to make an informed decision to purchase the same products.

•    Post video advertisements about your products on the internet. Because, most people feel that online video advertisements provide a very good opportunity to learn or to get a better understanding about a product.

•    To increase advertisement revenue, you need to tailor your website banners to make them look less like advertisements. To reach more content, you should make the banners look like they are clickable by your visitors.

•    If there is no enough amount of marketing, then this will change a product as faulty or inferior. To ensure the sales rise, you need to make sure that you have a superior product to market.

•    To be a successful internet marketer, then you need to be able to take advantage of all the software and technology advancements. Because, your clients may get a doubt in your abilities if you fall behind the technology.

•    For personal or business-oriented correspondence, you must always need to place your own signature at the end of emails. Keep in mind that your email signature is equivalent to your business card.

•    To become a serious network marketer, social media marketing can help you to get more customers. So, in order to effectively market your business, you need to ensure that you properly utilize social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

•    Create a frequently evolving email database that is accessed regularly. To compile your email list, you can obtain email addresses from your customers when you receive feedback from them, or you can directly purchase email lists from other marketers.

•     The great way of making your potential customers informed and up to date about your business is using blogs regularly. Regular blogging is considered as an asset to any online marketing campaign.

•    To get succeed in online marketing, you need to be aware of what your competition is up to. Check out your competitor’s website frequently and look out what you need to work on.

•    Always keep in touch with your customers to let them know about your promotions. You can use different methods, such as email, phone or fax, to communicate with your customers to promote your business.

•    Always keep in mind to utilize email to get the most from your business. You can engage your customers by sending them compelling newsletters with useful information.