Is There More Negativity In Tech Reviews Of Google Keep?

Google keep is one among the most recent services provided by Google. This application is having some opinions circulating against it, not only by ordinary people but also by professionals of technology reviews. Why this has happened? Before we confer the reason, let us discuss something about Google Keep.

Android ApplicationGoogle Keep is a free application launched especially for Chrome users. It helps the Chrome users to align all their notes at one location. Now, this app is available for users of Android 4.0 and also its higher version. But, it is also expected to get in Google Drive after they are through with it.

What does Google Keep do? Look wise, Google Keep is not a proficient material but with smartphones and for standard storage of data, it has the facility to store and clip.

What are all the interpretations of Google Keep? This is a very recent after Google affirmed to pull plug on their service of RSS feed gathering – Reader. This service was free and prominent and also a limited use service among the users.

Hence, a large number of professionals in the tech community even now feel infuriated because of the stoppage of RSS feed gathering – Reader service. As Google has stopped this famous service suddenly, it has become the first point of discussion about this rather than discussing the gainful services provided by Google.

What must be the countermeasure against this service stoppage? Anxiety is the very first reaction. Then coming to the labor point of view, the stoppage of this service led the labors to sort out and relocate all data available in the app.

Is the service worth this problem? Most people by their preliminary experience answer in negative.

Then what is the idea of Google’s next move? Google is planning to get huge data for their core business of streaming modified advertisements to viewers. Most people do not completely trust this as the solitary purpose of the application. Moreover, this is really very hard to believe.

At present, the governing application in this segment is Evernote. This application generally provides great user experience. However, when compared with Evernote, Google Keep has increased the entire user base more than Evernote. Both the applications have an outstanding progress in a short duration of time.

Because of this the consumer literacy has been most likely increased. Google Keep is well-designed, elegant and simple to use however the application is not instinctive.  It is anticipated that this will take some more time for that.

Why Google did launch this application urgently? Whether it has some clandestine motives? Are data the main concern? When is the abundant data have been collected and then they will fling it away?

It is still early to give answers to all these questions about Google Keep. As the application is still in the infancy stage, it will take some more time to recognize consumers and their requirements and consciousness. Before knowing all these things, we need to hold on our opinions.

5 Step Strategy for Keeping Your Drupal Outsourcing Cost-Efficient

Are you planning to choose Drupal to build your business website in outsourcing model? Then, you have to explore the efficient ways to keep your outsourced Drupal project cost-effective.

Before getting into this, first you need to understand something about Drupal. It is a free and open source content management framework allows tech-savvy professionals to easily manage, publish and organize different variety of content on a website.
Drupal Cost-Efficient

Open Source CMS As Drupal is written in PHP, you can able to perform object oriented coding. It is similar to a set of multiple modules. So, in order to add extra functionalities on your website, you just need to include a module in your CMS tool. Also, you can create custom modules for your website based on your business requirements.

Moreover, Drupal uses MySQL as its database. Therefore, you can able to host your website in a simple way by getting the help of any hosting service provider.

The following are the steps that help you to make the most of this model and also enable you to build a great online identity for your business organization.

  •     Analyze the prerequisites and demands of your website.
  •     Find out and hire the Drupal web development company or professional of international standard to build your website.
  •     Monitor or follow the development process of your Drupal web development through Skype, Google Hangout or other video conferencing apps.
  •     Make sure that your developer complete your project within stipulated time frame and this avoids extending the deadlines of your projects.
  •     Ask your Drupal website company or the developer to test your website on the basis of international software testing parameters and get the testing reports from them.

If you follow the above mentioned five step strategy, you can definitely be able to complete your outsourced project in a cost-effective manner. What you have to do is, just follow all these steps in the correct order. On the other hand, you must also try to participate in the development process of your website.

Getting Started Online – How To Learn About Business If You Don’t Have A Business Background

Are you so eager to start your online business? But, are you not sure where to start and how to start? This article helps you to get business online without panicking.

Suppose, if you don’t have a business background, then it is really difficult for you to start your business online. There has never been an easy time to start your online business by using excellent available tools along with improving technology at lower costs.
However, you can able to overcome this lack of knowledge and education on businesses as you have so many ways, options and ideas to build a prosperous business. The different strategies that you need to follow are

  •     Read books about online businesses
  •     Attend live events and spend time with business leaders
  •     Get help from a coach or mentor

Suppose, if you have interests in reading books, then start reading business books that would definitely help you to gain more knowledge about businesses as well as business people.

As you are going to read the new unfamiliar topic, it may be vague and boredom to read those books patiently at the first time. But later on, it will be interesting once you have got the basic idea about what online business is.

If you don’t have reading habits, then try to attend live events held nearer to your place. By doing this, you may get a chance to meet celebrities and big shots in the business field that help you to get online business easily.

Make sure to attend events that have fewer people instead of attending with hundreds, thousands and even more. This helps you to get the opportunity to spend time with people who can help you to learn more about businesses.

Ensure that you reach the spot before the event starts and stay there even after the event ends. This is because before and after the event, you may certainly get chances to network with people around there.

Conversely, working with mentor also gives you more benefits. Mentors or coach helps you to fill up the gaps in the different areas of business where you are lacking in knowledge and experience.

However, finding the right mentor or coach for your business is the critical process. Make sure that you are choosing the person who has enough knowledge and skills that you require.

Furthermore, follow the below mentioned steps that undeniably help you to get online:

  •     Find out what approaches, tools and products work best for your business
  •     Learn from successful business owners
  •     Determine the tips that assist you to operate your online business
  •     Build effective website for your business
  •     Register your domain
  •     Learn to improve your business website’s ranking and visibility
  •     Find out how search engines work and how to evaluate your growth
  •     Gain knowledge of how to build great online campaigns
  •     Gain knowledge of how to build a group of people with your blog
  •     Publish Email Newsletters
  •     Learn about web hosting and its features
  •     Affiliate marketing for your online business

Even though, you don’t have a business background, it is doable to build a successful online business. What you need to do is just make a proper plan and then look for it through best results.

WordPress App For Android Gets Stylized! Are You Ready For It?

Hurray! At last, the WordPress App on your Android-powered device has got a facelift. The new interface is substantially more integrated and hence it enables ease of usability for the users. Also, the new interface greatly attracts the individuals who use blogs on a daily basis.


Let us have a closer look at the following upgraded new interface.

  • Menu Drawer is an interface that allows users to navigate to other parts of the application       effortlessly. The users can easily access the menu by simply tapping on the arrow on the left of the blog logo. Otherwise, the users can simply swipe the screen from the left side towards the right.
  • Suppose, if you are controlling more than one blog through the app, then the drop down menu at the Menu Drawer will show you the list of all your blogs. This menu helps you to switch from one blog to another by using a single interface.
  • The Menu Drawer interface remembers the selection you did in your last session. This helps you to start exactly from where you left when you return.
  • Another new interface is the Action Bar, which allows users to easily access general features such as creating a new post, sharing with other apps or refreshing the app.

Apart from revamping the interface, several changes have also been done in the WordPress Android app.

  • The View Site option in the Menu Drawer allows the users to view their own blog from within the application.
  • The Dashboard option in the Menu Drawer helps the users to access the Admin area of their WordPress.
  • In the updated app, the content part in the post editor can be extended. This enables users to navigate around the content area and make changes in a post easily.
  • Suppose, if your post consists of an image and it couldn’t be uploaded properly, then the post will not be published and it will be saved in the draft, so that you can make changes in the image and publish the post later.
  • The Reader is now using an improved cache system that helps faster loading.
  • Most of the views, such as list views and the post editor, have been updated as per the Holo Style guidelines.

If you want to use upgraded WordPress on Android, then you can download the app from the WordPress website. If you are not using Android, then you can redirect to the app straight away.

Smart Web Applications Helping You in Your Office Work

In this twentieth century, the internet has become one of the crucial inventions that changed the stance of the today’s working atmosphere. Internet provides you an inexpensive means of communication with great competence by replacing our old methods of communication. At present, all our communication processes are completely reliant on the internet utilizing numerous internet based communication tools.


Nowadays, email is utilized as an imperative tool for communication and information exchange. Moreover, it is broadly utilized for efficient information exchange at a speedier rate. Also, the information exchange is guaranteed at high security level, giving appropriate coding strategies for effective steering and commotion free exchange, with no lapses.

Smart web applications like Google Chat and Skype are almost being utilized and thus changing the old trend of communication through the mobile phones or landlines. The efficiency of these smart web applications is very high and gives good quality information conduction, especially with high-speed internet connection. Other features like sending information documents, pictures or even the audio-video files makes them more adaptable with a large number of applications.

Various interesting web applications have been created by the proficient web developers, which assist us in a significant number of our day-to-day routine activity requirements. Web developers examine the present needs constantly and work on the inventive thoughts to build more proficient and efficient applications. Specific applications with numerous functional characteristics are planned to be created will make our work much simpler and consistent.

Currently, numerous companies are working to advance the proficient tools like computing software and CRM software, which assist in the commercial workings. Examining the requirements of various businesses, these companies concoct their inventive items or products and sell them to their customers in the market. These companies additionally offer online solutions to their customers, for example web fax, fax internet, e-mail to short message service, etc.

Moreover, fax internet is a feature that allows a user to send fax via internet without utilizing the fax line. This aids in preventing the stationary and also in decreasing the expense. In addition, users can able to maneuver their records from any viable system or from anywhere else, without using any immovable fax lines. Furthermore, a user can print the required specific pages thereby saving paper, ink, electricity and thus able to reduce the costs.

Various large companies utilize such services to impart to the occupation aspirer around the range of any vacant position in their workplaces. Keeping up databases of capable applicants, they send letters, emails or short message services to them and promoting position vacant. In order to commune with its shareholders, the executive members of the company utilize such services to send short message services to them.

However, dental practitioners may use to maintain their everyday activities with the customers. And, a survey institute may utilize this service to request feedback from people and this service is also utilized by the inn regime to send the booking affirmation messages to their clients.

Thus, smart web applications play a vital role in assisting us in our office work effectively.