Marketing Tips for your Real Estate Business – Infographic

Nowadays, real estate business is comparatively considered as on the top money lending business. Realtors are earning a lot from their sales. Information Technology is helping almost every industry, and the role of IT in real estate is high and prominent. Everything is turning mobile now, and the apps play a vital role in every business. Real estate business purely depends on marketing and the apps help a lot in marketing your properties. The infographic below insists the importance of web and mobile apps in the real estate business and the marketing tips for your future real estate plans.

Real estate business


Online Website Builders and Tools – Why to and Why not to choose?

Web designing industry in one of the fast growing industries in the world business market. Be it an eCommerce or a service company, the websites play a significant role in every single marketing strategy of each and every company/organization. When it comes to website designing, there are many ways of designing a website (through hard coding and also by using online website builders and tools).

Web design

Web developers play an important role in designing a unique website with creative and customized features. But, unfortunately, they are little costly if one would like to have a well placed and perfect website with organizational features. As said earlier, to make things easy, many online web designing tools available that help develop a website in no time with drag and drop scheme. These builders require no programming knowledge. Here are some of the highlighted tools that offer you to develop a website without any hassle.

Webydo – Craft Without Code:

When it comes to code-free website designing tool, Webydo will top the list as it is the best every tool created for designing responsive websites. Webydo is a tool that combines both design and development to make thing easy and this build makes it an all-in-one tool for designing and developing a website. Following are some of the highlighted features of Webydo.

  • Easily create responsive breakpoints for all your devices from a single dashboard.
  • Code-free designing with drag and drop features.
  • Animator for parallax designing.
  • Also, other professional web designing tools like fonts integrator, video tools, eCommerce and more.

Invision – Leading prototyping, collaboration, and workflow platform:

If you would like to create a working prototype of your design, then don’t hesitate to choose Invision as it is leading the race of prototyping tools. It allows you quickly create working model of your static design i.e. image version to impress your clients. It also allows real-time presentations and collaboration. Features listed below makes this prototyping tool as the best among the others.

  • Easily manages all your designed prototypes
  • Integrated with a design-driven project management
  • Prototyping can be done for Apple Watch and Android Wear
  • Communicates easily with the designs

Wix -Free Website Creation Tool:

Wix also offers a full system to develop a creative and impressive website. Unlike Webydo, it offers many free templates for the user to only use and customize according to their requirement. The following are the highlighted features of Wix.

  • Easy to use drag and drop features
  • Integrated with secure hosting services
  • 100+ sample HTML5 templates
  • Google friendly website designs
  • Wix market with impressive apps for your website

The above explained website building tools are very few, and there are many other tools that might be useful for your next web designing and development project. One might wonder and fluctuate to choose between a website builder and web development company. Here are the facts of Why to and Why not to use a website, builder.

Why use a website builder than that of a web development company?

Website builders are a standalone web application or an online Content Management System (CMS) that helps people build websites and web applications without any hassle. They were used for small project base as it might contribute to reducing time and cost. Here are few important benefits of using a website builder than that of a web designer or designing company.

  • Easy to use and no coding knowledge required
  • No technical knowledge required
  • User-friendly interfaces for web development
  • Drag and drop features
  • In-house support for clarifications and guided assistance

Why not use a website builder?

Website builders have the same amount of disadvantages as that of the advantages of using the same. This might sound little weird, but they are levitated by its advantageous features but let down by many standard and security features. The listed below are the disadvantages and the advantage of hiring a web designer or a web development company.

Disadvantages of Website Builders:

  • Files transfers and server relocations are tricky and hard to implement.
  • Website builders more of flash content and the flash era almost died.
  • Sometimes not mobile friendly and hits your business down.
  • Domain holdups which causes a headache.
  • Few website builders offers only one page transmissions.

Advantages of hiring a web designing and development company:

  • Offer unique and creative designs
  • Controllable and flexible
  • Informative and clean content
  • Easy and hassle free transferability
  • Up to date with the market trends
  • Google-friendly design and development

Final Verdict:

Choosing a website builder and a web designing company purely depends on the primary requirement of the website, and we would suggest, “for convention, choose website builder and for customization, choose web development company”.

2015 Web Arena – A Infographic

It is clearly evident how the web world and the websites have evolved over the time. In early 90s, the websites used funky colors, fluffy fonts and even a pale music in the background. But now the websites are like professional and neat. Web designers started developing websites with minimalistic approach to make everything look simple and more user friendly. 2015 web arena is likely to be more creative with responsive designs, monochromatic colors and horizontal scrolling.


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What’s best for your business – Website Builder or Web Designer?

Every business at one point or another will have to look into creating a website for themselves in order to be competent enough in this current scenario. So when that is under consideration, one of the first things that crops into their mind is – Do I need to hire a Web Designer to design and develop my website or will I be able to handle it all by myself using a Web Builder software?

Well read ahead to understand their ups and downs before you can decide that for yourself. But first let’s have a look at what web building software is all about and why some prefer this over hiring a web designer.

Webdesign vs builderWebsite Builder:

A website builder software, is a tool that allows the users to design their own website without them requiring to have any knowledge on website development/designing or most importantly on coding. Yes, anyone can take-up website designing task and go ahead and start designing one right from the word go. You do not need prior experience or specific education to take on designing your own website using these simple tools.

These kind of tools can be categorized under two types; 1) the online type and 2) the offline type.

•    An online type is the one where the web hosting company itself provides you with dedicated tools for you to develop your website on (the more complex versions of these online tools are called the Content Management Systems (CMS)).
•    The offline ones are those where you use a software to develop your website and then upload them onto a host to publish your new website.

The tools themselves are designed to be easy to use, such as choosing form different available options to finish you entire website design. So, these tools offer you a limited number of different layouts and few personalization options to make yours feel unique. Apart from these few personalization options though, you wouldn’t get much of customization out of a standard website builder.

However, using the more complex tools (CMS) offered by some webhosting companies, you could increase these customizations and user experiences up by few notches.

•    Ease to use
•    Quicker to design
•    Smaller Budget

These are some of the widespread reasons behind why people choose website builders over hiring web designers.

So, then why do still others including top corporate go with hired web designers?

Web Designer:

Hired web designers are experts in the field of “web development” and “web designing”.  Though both fall under a single service, their roles are different. Here’s a brief:

•    Web Development: This involves all the back-end processes of the website – such as coding and programming. Required for running and sustaining a website impeccably.
•    Web Designing: On the other hand this involves all the front-end processes of the website – such as its interface and the layout designs. Most visual aspects of a website.

However, on hiring web designers you get both of these services – mostly.

Before we go ahead with the advantages of using a web designer, let’s have a quick look at some of its major down sides – budget, and ofcourse without the need to mention, the time it takes to completely design a website.

When both of these aren’t your primary concerns (which is not so, majority of the times), then let’s go ahead with the advantages.

What you lose in terms of budget you get back in with ton of options and elements – such as great customization/personalization possibilities, top features, high security, professional build, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so on and so forth. All of which are essential for a website to become a great website.

Also, all these options impact your brand development on the web to a great extent.

•    High Quality
•    Professional Website
•    Great Flexibility
•    Secure

These are some of the reasons why people go for hiring a web designer.


Now, that you have a brief idea into the working of both these options – what should you choose?

That entirely depends upon the reasons behind your website. If it’s a business website that’s just going to your online visiting card, and you wouldn’t want to spend too much on it, either money or time then website builder would be the better choice.

However, if yours is a business that involves a lot of online presence, and when your online branding is going to be the pinnacle of your business’s success, then it is always ideal for you to hire a good web designer to develop your website.