Apple Launches It’s New Educational Tools

In an education-focused event held at Lane Tech College Preparatory High School, Chicago. Apple unveiled an affordable 9.7 inch iPad. This iPad is ultimately meant to be used within the classroom. Apple has also launched a wide variety of new educational resources.

The new 9.7-inch iPad comes with support for Apple Pencil, hence Apple’s iWork suite which includes Pages, Numbers, Keynotes has been updated to include more features. With these new features, one can certainly write, draw, sketch with the pencil on the productivity apps.

With these pages and keynote, users will be able to add images and drawings into their reports and can even include numbers when creating lab reports.

The smart annotation feature is also included in the beta mode. The benefit of using this feature is a teacher could add comments to the documents in real time which anchors to specific text. The app also includes an interesting feature which is the book creation that is common for both iOS and macOS.

This feature helps to create digital books like short stories or travel books. And to create a book you will be able to use different templates in addition to iWork’s new drawing tools or images and videos from the photo library. On the other hand, classmates could collaborate on the books in real time using either iPad, iPhone, Mac or The final product can then be exported and shared on iBooks.

The other most interesting feature is the presenter mode which makes your iPad or iPhone as a virtual teleprompter. There is not just text auto scroll at an adjustable speed but you can even customize text size, spacing, and background color during playback.

The integrated Apple’s classkit is a new developer framework which is meant specifically to create educational apps for iOS.

Schoolwork can also help to incorporate more apps into the curriculum. This also helps teachers to assign activities to the apps and guide students to the specific point within that app.

When it comes to progress it gives teachers to check on the student’s ability. The teacher will be able to check on the overall class performance, check on student’s app activity and progress assignments. Apple has also assured on maintaining student’s data private. Further, the teachers alone will be provided access to the information. The Schoolwork app is expected to launch in the month of June giving educators to get practiced over it before the new academic year begins.

Added the Apple school manager program adds more value to the note as it offers administrative IT officials to create accounts for students and staffs, to manage devices and buy content. Apple has also stated that the program will now allow administrators to create profiles either individually or in bulk. It has been informed that Apple provides an access to create around 1500 Apple IDs at once which also include 200 GB of cloud storage.


Facebook Messenger Makes Your Marketing Campaign Better

Had a recent encounter on a famous author’s blog. He writes, “How Facebook messenger had taken away his marketing campaign over email marketing?” He adds, “Facebook messenger has a better impact when compared to other marketing platforms”. So let us have a look on how Facebook messenger could work it out on a marketing campaign.

How Do Facebook Messenger Perform So Well?

Facebook is a social media platform that is familiar with a huge community. 24/7, everyone is busy with Facebook, scrolling news feed. But, a part of the community is busy with Facebook’s messenger. People always love to own their private space. This is where the chat bots play a vital role.

In the beginning, marketers were so much focused on email marketing. Email marketing was their strongest part in digital marketing. But, Facebook messenger broke the regular strategy.

Facebook chat bots became the powerful tools in digital marketing.

What Do Chat Bots Do?

Have you ever imagined email marketing on Facebook? NO? Then let me explain to you how it works. Chat bots are way interesting while experiencing rather than hearing what they do.

Have a look at this site, the interaction in the site helps you understand in a better way, how these messenger bots work. As I said earlier, you could experience what these chat bots do rather than hearing them from someone else.

You would have noticed on email marketing, the lead generation CTA automatically caches the first name of the user from their email.

But here it is something different, the bots chat with the user through Facebook messenger. When the bot does so it generates a message in which you happen to click the “YES” Button and there is no other chance that lets you click “NO”.

So, when this interaction between you and the bot happens, you feel that something that is personal happening. And once you are done with clicking “YES”. You will be promised to connect with them on Facebook messenger.

When you are redirected to the messenger, you will receive a message on the chat box.

This makes you proceed further. You start chatting with the bot on the other end knowing nothing that it is a bot.

Let me give you one good and a familiar example that every one of us has come across. When “Hike” Messenger was redesigned and entered the market a year ago, it was introduced with a chat bot named “NATASHA”.

Many of us, had a narrow mind thinking that it was a girl that was giving us a pretty time on the chat box. Later, when people noticed some irrelevant messages that were answered to their questions, they made it out.

This is how the messenger bots work!!

Isn’t that interesting?

You Know Why It Is Essential To Use Bots?

Do you know why I am writing all this? It was all impressive to me when the bots were interactive. And that is why even I tend to write about them that they are the next promising ones on digital marketing.

Let me explain to you that why Facebook is the next interesting marketing strategy.

  • There are almost 1 billion and odd users of Facebook every month.
  • When compared to email marketing list it is easy to generate lists on Facebook messenger.
  • On customer perspective, there are quite a lot of people who are super interactive when compared to email.
  • The most important one is closing sales on a live chat is easier when compared to email marketing campaign.
  • Facebook messenger is adaptive on both mobile and desktop. Though email is adaptive, messenger is optimized to give a much good experience.

I promise you converting leads on messenger bots is way too easy.

The Easiest Way For Messenger Bot Campaign:

So, you would have understood the importance of Facebook bot in case of running a campaign. Now, are you finding an effective way to create your own Facebook bot?

I know that many of us are not coders and we find an online tool to work for us. I have come across Mailchimp which helps in such circumstances and yet I feel there is something wiser than that.

I came across, I found that had an option which said: “CREATE A FACEBOOK BOT”. That pulled my attention. I had an opportunity to have a quick glimpse of a video which was less than a minute.

Then once I completed the tutorial and agreed with the terms of ManyChat, I was directed to create my broadcast for which I had an access to my audience.

The tool had further options such as improvement tools and even to proceed with live chat. There are few more tools and platforms that either support Facebook bot chat. I have listed them below for your future reference.

Hope that could be helpful!!

  • Chatfuel
  • Sequel
  • Chatty People
  • Meokay
  • Botsify
  • Assist
  • Botlist
  • Bot Academy

Final Verdict:

Are you looking out for a change?

Do you wish to have a lively conversion of sales?

Why do you wait anymore?
Grab the chance. Am 100% sure this strategy is going to work more than what you expect? You can now turn your leads to customers instantly and gain more trust. Facebook messenger bots are a really effective way of the campaign when compared to email marketing. Hope the information has helped you so much. If so, do not fail to tell us!!

Google Map Improves Flexibility To Regional Languages

A great news from Google Map is heading the southern part of India. Google has launched its new algorithm for regional languages. So far you would have seen Google Maps detecting areas and displaying them in one common language. People in regional areas who are not familiar with languages other than their regional languages find them difficult to gather information.


Understanding the inabilities of the regional crowd Google Maps have come up with one of the latest and an interesting factor in it. It is the Neural Machine Translation technology.

Neural Machine Translation Technology Now in India’s Regional Languages:

The Neural Machine Translation Technology is capable of translating up to nine regional languages. The languages are as follows,

  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Gujarati
  • Punjabi
  • Malayalam
  • Kannada
  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Marathi

The added advantage of Neural Machine Translation is, it can convert the complete information into the required regional language.

Initially, It was the application that could convert the information available on the map . But the new innovative technology has now become more flexible that even a layman can understand the information in his own regional language.

Earlier the technology reached a few parts of the regional districts of India. As of 21st July 2017, the technology was effective to the southern part of India which included Chennai and its surrounding states.

The best way to get engaged on dynamic 365 with the most awaited customer engagement

The New release on Dynamics 365 is a Sales and Business edition. The new sales application design serves the small-to-medium sized business. It is built on a Unified Interface which meets the requirements of different users and their perspectives.

dynamic 365

The application uses responsive web design principles that are instant. The instant setup can perform automatic integration and configure Exchange online and SharePoint. The Setup is also capable of importing data.

Let us encounter some more features that would have its way this 2017,

  1. Form Designer
  2. View Designer
  3. Theme designer
  4. Product Catalog
  5. Duplicate detection

Entities Specific For ISVs:

Dynamics 365 for sales, business edition uses a couple of entities. These entities are not the ones that already exist in Dynamic 365 platform. You can make use of the entities except for the ones that are part of Dynamic 365.

The entities are as follows,

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Activities
  • Products

What Benefits The User With Customer Engagement?

The Sales app converts lead to customers helping small and medium scale businesses. The app could also convert lead, account, contacts and task management. There are chances and relevance for the user to access the customer information. Also, understand the current scenario of the relationship. The sales team could pertain access of customer details from anywhere and anytime. The standard business operations serve better with tasks and converts leads to customers.

Let us find some of the tools that help to manage these activities in a better way,

Data Management Tools:

How does data management deal with the sales app?
The purpose and the use of import wizard can help with a quick derivation of data. With the help of standard Data Import Templates or .CSV files you could import data faster.

Detection of duplicate content ensures avoiding the occurrence of duplicate data on your system.

Office 365 Integration:

Making use of Office 365 tools help to join hands with employees and customers. There is a possibility of sending emails through Dynamics 365 for sales. Exchange online menu helps them with sharing of texts. This shares the sales materials with employees and customers through SharePoint Online.

Collaboration Tools:

Start instant access with customers or employees through Skype /through Skype for business. There are possible ways to send texts or call your colleagues in your organization. Also, find the status of your users in your organization.

Analytics Tools:

The dashboards provide visuals and sales related data. Whereas, charts provide the visual display of information to understand the visual screenshots. Which would be an explanation of the high-level analysis of your data.

Enterprise Edition Trending With Dynamics 365 Online:

The following are the areas of concentration on investment;
UX enhancements improve readability on web apps and make data entry swift.
Elasticity and application platform enhancements, with improvements in security and data management.

Provided there are enhancements on in-app designer tools that permits admins. Proceeding with customization of tailor application using a graphical interface substituting codes.

New Application Provided With Unified Interface Framework:

The release has predicted to have an investment on new Unified Interface framework. This renders standard experience on new applications. The design of UI framework from the scratch with open-mindedness helps with,

  • People who are screen readers could skip to content.
  • Plugin users achieve great results.
  • Browser plugin users skip to selective areas of the page.
  • Keyboard users can save time and energy using the tab key.

Let us have a look at the application that implements Unified Interface,

Dynamic Mobile App:

The Mobile app built with Unified Interface provides flexibility and responsiveness over design. The users need not download nor update the app on the store. But, receives functionality through Dynamic 365 server on an update of the current version.

The new application makes use of the following,

  • New navigation
  • action on record
  • iFrame and web resource support on phones
  • Continuum support – Windows Phone
  • Mobile Offline

The Flexibility And App Platform:

The functionalities on in-app tools allow users to access the apps through GUI. And neglects writing codes.
The App designer with UX update simplifies functionalities of admin and developers. There are updates on the Apps landing page and Sitemap Designer.

You could analyze them in brief through,
Related: App Designer & Sitemap Designer.

What Turns Unified Service Desk Significant?

At Last, The Unified Service desk needs a complete change that makes it significant.

What made it turn to be one such?

Error Diagnosis To Audit & Diagnostic Setting Area:

In the later version, the error diagnosis report had an options area on Unified Service Desk. Releasing the ease configuration the error diagnosis turns to Audit & Diagnostic Settings Area.

Jaws Screen Reader Support:

Make use of Jaws version 18 for Windows screen reader apps with Unified Service Desk client.
To know more on accessing Unified Service Desk for Dynamic 365, follow the link.

Related: Unified Service Desk.

Final Verdict:

[NOTE: This documentation is a prediction and might change]
To make customer engagement a brilliant achievement with dynamic 365. And to make sales and business editions to be a better experience the sales app has taken its way. There are predictions of the stated functionality to take place. Involving them would be a greater achievement on Dynamic 365 this year.

Email Templates Promoting Your Businesses Profit

Do you know that email marketing is one of the powerful tool that brings greater potential to your businesses. Wish to know how does this promote your business leads? Here is what email templates can help you with,

  • Improve Email Click Rates
  • Improve Email Opening Rates
  • Landing Page Conversion Rates.


Profitability with Email Templates for your Business

Get your subscribers into track with your business and not only having them as leads but converting them to customers and further to promoters, who could suggest your services to their friends and colleagues.

In common these email templates are so called the “warm emails” Where most of these e”5 Important Ways to Improve Business with Email Templates”mails are manually crafted allowing them to be entirely distinguishable from other mails that hit the mail box in general.

Some of the key strategies that need to be concentrated on framing emails,

  • Framing content in the right perspective
  • Mak”5 Important Ways to Improve Business with Email Templates”e it interesting to your reader
  • Noteworthy GIF files
  • Approachable for your web
  • Perfect Size
  • End Note

5 Important Ways to Improve Business with Email Templates

  • Setting up a Building Channel
  • Get a Selective set of audience for your websites
  • Make your leads into”5 Important Ways to Improve Business with Email Templates” regular customers
  • Build Trustworthy Relationship with customers
  • Convert them to Profitable Units

With all these frameset and knowing how all these could help your business get promoted to the next level, act upon them. Trying to know where you could get the trustworthy service that best fits your business? You could approach K2B Solutions to experience the best of services in the market. The best Web Application and Mobile Application service provider who is also known to help business promotions with email templates.

Mobile Applications: Behold the Future and Race Ahead!

With the technological advancement and its empirical extensions covering a wide range of business verticals, the need for change with its course is definitely a big YES. Business and revenue models vary from company to company but the one thing that does not deny its course is change and one that is highly noticeable is going mobile. Look 360 degrees and you will find businesses have their own mobile applications to make their business easily accessible and compatible. This is not just limited to businesses, mobile applications are also developed for individuals, groups, cause and others…


Mobile application development comes into aid for these business and individual profiles. Gone are days where only people at the monetary end exploited such technologies. With globalization and awareness on digital media, the whole world is setting their eyes on mobile applications. It is considered that when your company or business is not mobile, you are running behind your competitors. Big giants like Google, Apple and many others have gone mobile understanding the scope and comprehending the need for change.

Though they are not rocket science, mobile application development companies come into play to apprehend, what exactly is required for the company and putting them into play. These mobile application development companies not just develop applications for their clients but also help in maintaining your application so that your service is seamless regardless of any hurdles or demographic lags.

Mobile applications have changed the way we do business and provide information to endless world. In the last decade, the need for going mobile was just limited to few nitty gritties like color changes, material design and making your business compatible with all devices. But with mobile applications, the need and deed is all done and takes your business to whole new level.

Now, it is time for you to go mobile. Contact K2B Solutions now!

Link Building Strategy 2017 – Infographic

The online industry is becoming the fort of the digital marketers. There are many techniques used for creating brand awareness, and one such technique is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Using SEO, the marketers or the digital marketing companies are helping clients around the world to rank high on SERP. The key process of SEO is Link Building, and the below infographic explains in detail about the link building process.

Link Building Strategy 2017