2015 Web Arena – A Infographic

It is clearly evident how the web world and the websites have evolved over the time. In early 90s, the websites used funky colors, fluffy fonts and even a pale music in the background. But now the websites are like professional and neat. Web designers started developing websites with minimalistic approach to make everything look simple and more user friendly. 2015 web arena is likely to be more creative with responsive designs, monochromatic colors and horizontal scrolling.


Cygnite PHP Framework – A modern toolkit for your next creative application

What exactly this framework is?

Cygnite is a php 5.3 framework that allows developers to easily develop their application without any hassle. It also helps developers to build a complete web application in easy and enjoyable way. Be it a single or a joint project, this modern PHP toolkit has everything for beginners and advanced professionals to complete the project.

Key facts:

  • Easy to the core: Cygnite is a user friendly toolkit that helps even a beginner to develop comprehensive applications without any trouble.
  • Performance overloaded: With the extensive implementation of lazy loading, the Cygnite framework eliminates caching mechanism to improve performance resulting in ease of operation.
  • Deployed with Composer: The Composer tool allows third party library integration into Cygnite from Packagist making plug and play easier.


Fantasies of Cygnite framework:

As an easy and modern toolkit, Cygnite has many benefits over other frameworks. Listed below are the few advantages of using Cygnite framework.

  • Simple and user friendly framework
  • Lightweight framework to make development easier
  • Simple configuration resulting in minimal time consumption
  • Reduction of time in writing crud operations
  • Meeting deadline made easy
  • Easy and effective third party integration
  • Object oriented programming approach
  • Elegant twig template engine can be used
Debate on the performance:

Compared with other frameworks, Cygnite is just a framework used for creative development. But the features like writing crud operations in two to three minutes, elegant form builder and IoC container and StaticResolver makes it a bit competitive.
Cygnite was initially launched as a elegant framework and later turned in to an advanced tool/framework for every level developers with the integration of the Composer tool and twig template support.

K2B Solutions – Creative Web Design and Mobile Apps Development Company

K2B Solutions

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Custom Website Development- Make an Effective and Strong Website with a Design of your choice

In this rivalry e-business, one must be very much smart enough and unique to vend their products online. This online business has evolved more rapidly replacing all the trade modes. The website of a company is the gateway through which the potential clients can be reached. The best marketing technique to pull out millions and millions of valuable customers towards the business is by having a striking and elegant website to satisfy the needs of the customers and the business.

CMS developmentLet us discuss the functions of a customized website and how an effective and strong custom web design of your preferred choice helps in development and promotion of your business?

Customized Websites

The web designs or the layouts that are crafted out from the imaginations of a retailer to meet up the needs of the customers are called as ‘customized websites’.  These web designs should be eye-catchy, germane and must be unique. As eCommerce became the booming field to vend the retail products by showcasing a huge number of products by categorizing themselves into various fields, the users or the buyers always go crazy to grab the products that are special, newest, visually captivating from the appealing websites.

Why Custom Website Development?

Custom Website Development helps you to sell your products at a fast pace and attract more visitors to your business. This unique, attractive and secure websites never lose business to your contenders.

Few reasons to own a custom web design:

  • Provides a neat and crispy look
  • Reflects your eccentricity and uniqueness
  • It amplifies the product visibility
  • It boosts up the brand credibility
  • Can be customized as per corporate or individual needs
  • The customized websites always trims down the maintenance cost
  • They augment the efficacy and competence of your websites
  • Upgraded easily to future ventures
  • User-friendly Content Management System or Control Panel
  • Magnetizes more customers thereby enhancing the company
  • Can be tailor-made than the pre-designed templates
  • Creates a visually appealing, look and feel, user-friendly environment
  • A single visit of a user will facilitate them decide confidently to deal with your website

Functions of a Customized Website

To reach out the targeted audience, the customized websites should be haunting and well-designed. This will lead to have a dramatic bang on the conversion rate of those websites. The customized websites acts as a gateway and put across the message to the audience in an effective way.

Listed below are the functions of an effective and strong custom web design to promote your business:

  1. These websites are developed by the skilled designers using the advanced web-based software development techniques and tools. Hence, all the graphic needs of the customers are satisfied by implementing all kinds of graphics in designing appealing sites.
  2. Background effects, color combinations, and other special effects can be achieved as per the choice of the retailer.
  3. Websites providing easy navigation to the users offers tremendous success to your online business. Certainly, customized websites authorizes navigations to its users.
  4. Though the custom web designs are developed by the professional designers, the company logo can be placed on ‘Home Page’ or on any other page of the website to mark an effective notion in the minds of the potential clientele.
  5. Contact us or FAQ Pages can be designed as per the vendors’ preferences.
  6. Effective marketing tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC) and other tools can be used to promote the sites. This will elevate the number of leads and online visibility which can be transformed into sales.
  7. As there is a wide scope for those web designs in the market, they have been opted by many of the companies in the industry. These bespoke websites can be customized within the budget at reasonable prices.
  8. What you are thinking about? Craft a best layout for your customized website; improve your corporate image to promote your company and your business!

What important technical details should a programmer consider before making the website live?

As a web developer or programmer, you need to concentrate on some vital technical information before making your website live. The foremost thing that you need to concentrate on is using an appropriate platform for your web development.
You need to make sure that the platform you’re going to use for developing the website must be stable, secure, high-performing and scalable. Also, it must meet all kinds of business goals such as less cost, quick development time, high Google ranking, and so on.

Next, you need to be more specific about using web standards for your website development. As a professional web developer, you need to have specific consideration on HTML, JavaScript and CSS over HTTP.

Before using any web standards, ensure that which web standards you are going to use, and also ensure that in what circumstances and why you are going to use those standards.

So, what important technical details you should consider before make your website live?

  • Make sure that your website works reasonably well across all major browsers, because sometimes browsers implement standards inconsistently. Also, consider how browsers render your website in various operating systems, and how people might use the website other than from major browsers.
  • Ensure that you deploy updates on the websites without affecting the users. Have staging environments(one or more tests) available to implement changes on the websites, such as modifying architecture, adding content, changing code, etc., and ensure that they are deployed carefully without affecting anything else in the website. So, always have an automated way of deploying changes to the live website.
  • Never display unfriendly errors straight away to the users of the website. Also, never provide the user’s email ID in plain text as it may get spammed to death.
  • Learn how doing progressive enhancement, which helps you to deliver the best possible experience to the users.
  • Always REDIRECT after a POST if it was done successfully. This helps you to prevent a refresh from submitting again.
  • Make sure that you take accessibility into account without fail. Because, in certain situation, it is a legal requirement.
  • Aware about Injections like SQL injection, and learn how to prevent them. You have to use hash passwords to prevent rainbow attacks.
  • Use SSL/HTTPS for pages like login pages or the pages where sensitive data is entered.
  • Avoid cross site scripting (XSS) and cross site request forgeries (CSRF). Also, prevent session hijacking and Clickjacking.
  • Implement caching if necessary. To do this, you have to use HTTP caching and HTML5 Manifest properly.
  • Learn how to deflate content and optimize images in the website.
  • To reduce the number of browser connections, try to compress duplications among files by improving gzip ability.
  • For performance profiling, use Google page speed with browser extension. This helps to optimize images in the website. You can use CSS Image Sprites for small related images like toolbars.
  • Reduce the number of HTTP requests that are required for a browser to render the web page.
  • Always remember that SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a greater role in generating traffic to your website. So, make sure that you use search engine friendly URLs in your website.
  • Make sure that you install Google analytics tool or an open source analysis tool right at the start. You can also use Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools to get a detailed report about the visibility of your web pages on Google and Bing.
  • Never forget to have an XML sitemap in the website. This helps you to tell Google about pages on your website.
  • Use XHTML/HTML and CSS according to the W3C specifications and also ensure that they authenticate.
  • Learn how JavaScript is processed in the browser. If you use iframes, then learn how the JavaScript sandbox works. Also, consider using JavaScript frameworks that hide the browser differences when using JavaScript for DOM manipulation.
  • To load frameworks, consider using a service like Google Libraries API. This makes a browser to use a copy of the framework it has already cached instead of downloading a duplicate copy from your website.
  • Always set up a better error reporting solution, and document how the application works. Also, make frequent backups and make sure that the backups are functional.
  • Use a version control system that helps you to store your files. Also, never forget to do your acceptance testing.
  • Ensure that you have enough logging in place using frameworks. When logging, make sure that you capture both handled exceptions as well as unhandled exceptions. And analyze the log output regularly to find out the key issues in your website.