2015 Web Arena – A Infographic

It is clearly evident how the web world and the websites have evolved over the time. In early 90s, the websites used funky colors, fluffy fonts and even a pale music in the background. But now the websites are like professional and neat. Web designers started developing websites with minimalistic approach to make everything look simple and more user friendly. 2015 web arena is likely to be more creative with responsive designs, monochromatic colors and horizontal scrolling.


How to build your website across multiple devices and different browsers?

Regardless to the type of device our customers use when browsing through our website, they expect to have a great browsing experience. And the responsibility to give them that is ours. An easy to use website, that’s also compatible with the different browsers available, is a mandatory field that needs to be fulfilled in order to experience your website’s full online potential.

Few years ago optimizing the website to a standard screen resolution and running them on few browsers to test their credibility, was enough to be confidently publish the site and expect all the visitors to experience a roughly similar web experience. Some of the users may notice minor issues such as greater display resolution or different fonts, etc. However, mostly the appearance of the website was constant overall, in spite of OS difference or browser difference.

But, in today’s world people are not confined to just few different browsers and even fewer OSs on their desktop or laptop computers, they are now free to access the web for anywhere through any of the mobile devices available with hundreds of different display capabilities – smart phones, tablets, of course PCs and even TVs. Also, people have become accustomed to accessing these different devices simultaneously and syncing them between each other.

K2B Solutions - Responsive Web Design

So, how do we ensure that the browsing experience is uniform and best for all our website visitors? Here are few steps that you can take in order to ensure that.

Analyzing your traffic and customer interactions

It is of primary importance to immediately understand the visitors to your website. What type of device they are using? What type of content they are accessing? Etc. When, with your analysis you realize that the visitors using mobile devices to access your website averages above 10% of the total, then it is time for you to make the necessary changes to your website to make it mobile optimized. And optimizing the contents of your site to be more customers centric (i.e. contents for which visitors access your website) will grant you better traffic flow.

Responsive Web Designing

As we have seen, to improve the user experience of visitors using mobile devices to access your website, it is important we make our websites mobile optimized. And one such way of optimizing our website is using Responsive Web Designing (RWD.) RWD ensures that the contents of the existing web pages are uniformly displayed on various screen sizes and across different platforms. This is all done without having to create a separate website for mobile viewing alone. This is a much simpler option which can be used when you do not require advanced features on your web pages. RWD resizes your web pages to perfectly fit within all the different screen without the need of zooming or side scrolling.

Dedicate Website for the Mobiles

Certain websites require more complex functionality such as user interactions, etc in such a case we recommend the development of mobile specific websites. A website with pages that are specifically designed to be used on mobile devices – higher visibility, faster load time, seamless design, easy form interactions are some of the features this option allows. Websites selling products on the web or websites with requires constant interactions with other visitors can make use of this type of mobile optimization optimally.

Making Browser Specific Changes

Apart for optimizing the websites to be compatible for mobile device viewing, it is also necessary to optimize them to be compatible with the browsers available to the users without any issues.

There were days when you had to have all the different browsers open individually, and check for issues or incompatibility between your website updates and the browsers. When found, you had to again individually make the necessary changes to the coding based on the issue, on a completely setup. This was a time consuming process as multiple changes to multiple page layouts meant, work on them forever.

However, with the advent of newer technologies – HTML 5 and CSS 3 – and better means to make the changes, this process has become much easier. Now, coding the contents based on the browser market you want to engage or conquer will allow you to successfully optimize you web contents to be compatible with the different web browsers.

It is a known fact that with regards web technology, it is possible for the websites to work as good as it can even when something is quite not right. Which when compared with other programming environment is above notches, as even the mistake there will completely cripple it.

Hence, make sure you make necessary change whenever any issue is found on the websites, to provide your customers with the best user experience; to keep your business or service going to greater heights.

Advantages of responsive websites over the mobile websites

Websites are always meant for the desktop or laptop screen, i.e., they can be viewed on the screens of desktop/laptop. As per the rapid growth of mobile phones with latest technologies, the user can bring the entire world into their hands with this pretty device. Nowadays, smartphones, tablets gives wide access to all the websites. For this, developers want to write the code for all the websites in both versions, that is – for desktop version and mobile version. This is because of the variations in the screen resolution found in those devices. If a website is a designed using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), one simple code is quite enough as they offer gorgeous viewing experiences on diverse screen resolutions.

Feels excited to know more about Responsive Websites and how they work??? Let us have a concise study about it in this spot…

K2B Solutions - Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

Designing a layout and coding a website that results in finest viewing experience on a wide array of devices from desktops to mobile phones. It will fit all the screens regardless of the screen size and resolution. The layout will become accustomed to all the device screens – smartphones, tablets, desktop, laptop, smart TV, etc.

Mobile Web Design

Websites can be accessed only on the mobile devices. Some indirect platforms are used to redirect to the preferred site of the user. At most of the time, the sites may congregate on their own sub-domain.

Though these mobile websites are easier and easy on the pocket to launch, they target the screens of phone-sized devices and the maintenance cost is too high.

Advantages of responsive websites over the mobile websites

Responsive websites offers optimal viewing experience as it is loaded with the optimized markup feature. Apart from this attractive feature, it also includes pixel resolution, flash technology; click vs. touch, screen size and much more.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) – a most attractive and the enabled feature in the responsive design websites. These style sheets make the users to enjoy different varieties of experiences. This also helps to keep the content of site as such as they are without any modifications.

Google, the most popular search engine always favor this web design, as it gives real-time experience to all the new users.

SEO and internet marketing can be simplified with these web designs.

In the current industry, most of the marketing and sales reach people at a very fast rate through the mobile-friendly websites. As the usage increases, the trend in mobile technology also escalates. Above all, mobile internet usage is high when compared to the desktop. Mobile compatibility is good in responsive design websites.

Flawless user experience across several devices helps in dealing with SEO strategies. One share can reach the mass audience to access the same content through different devices.

Single URL is enough to access and no more replication. So, this link paced over social networks without any confusion and makes the sites more stronger by improving the page ranking in the world popular search engine – Google

Being a single code, managing and maintaining the sites are so easy. This makes you to stand out from all your competitors. Most of the companies want their company links/domains to be conserved always. Responsive design implants the new code on the backend of the websites. Centralized control – changes made at one place will reflect in all the websites and applications.

Examples of responsive websites:

Location-based services, news or media sites use these sites for the scrolling, zooming, resizing features. Blogs and corporate sites make use of these sites for handling large number of users at a time.

Develop your websites using this responsive design, and get more greets from the end users to your business with its optimal viewing experience!!!