Mobile augmented reality apps to drive sales in retail sector!

The term Augmented Reality (AR) has been around for over two decades now, however only with the advancement of smartphones did AR really begin to make the intended impact. And the implications of this technological marvel are so huge that whatever is available in the digital world at the moment (Jul 2014) is only scratching its surface.

More over with the advent of newer and better computing options such as wearable computing and “smarter” smartphones, AR is making a steady progress into the consumer market. The implication possibility of this AR technology is only left to the imagination and the capabilities of mobile apps.

From being a tech toy that’s used for entertainment and fun to being one of this generations’ ultimate business tool, AR’s potential is limitless. With that in “sight” Google & many other companies are scrambling ahead to make this market, theirs. One such product from Google is Google Glass, it is set to make use of all the potentials of AR to its advantage and deliver the perfect Augmented Reality world to the users.


So, how all this has anything to do with the retail business?

In today’s world, the conventional means and modes of shopping has dwindled to a great extent. Once we all had no other options but to physically go to places and browser through the shop’s inventories and shelves in order to look for the products we want to buy. However, now we have plentiful of options no matter what we are looking to buy be it garments, tech gadgets or even an automobile. We can browse for them, compare them, customize them, read their reviews, order them, advance book them, all that and more by sitting anywhere we want with a computing device and an internet connection, through a wondrous technology called online shopping. What more could we want? Everything at our finger tip!

Well, we humans cannot get enough of anything, can we? Here comes AR to quench this thirst, with its next level of shopping possibilities. Blending the two worlds together – the online world and the offline world – to give us this next level experience. Let’s have a look at some of the mobile application possibilities, of which most are already being implemented in shops across the globe.

Virtual Fitting:

So, what makes the major difference between the online garment stores and the real-world stores? It’s the Trial Room!

This has always been the issue with buy a dress online, we cannot be sure of its fitting until we finally receive it in hand and are able to try it out personally. Now, with AR’s Virtual Fitting we can do just that; virtually.

We can try out all the different garments available to our hearts content and then make the buy. As an added bonus, this process in much less cumbersome and is within instants.

Warehouse Space Management and Navigation:

Keeping a record of the warehouse’s inventory is by itself a daunting task, finding a particular product from this huge list could prove to be another trouble altogether. With the AR technology, all this can change in a jiffy. Browsing the inventory, updating it, filtering it can all possibly be done with just a look and few clicks. Now, how smart is that?

We no longer have to navigate around the huge spaces of a warehouse blandly looking at the lists. Rather looking straight at the various cartons could give a virtual 3d image of its contents, thus cutting down our time spent drastically.

Advertising and Product Details:

No longer do advertising banners and posts be static and uneventful, retail brands can AR their advertisements and capture the eyes of potential customers. The poster can be augmented with product videos, content details, etc.

The customers will also be able to scan through the various products available in the store and get detailed information including product rating, coupons, expert discussions, etc on these different products in an instant. Allowing us to make informed purchases.

Virtual Products:

Gone will be our present days, where we take measurements of our living room wall to find the right set of sofas. Through the AR tech, we can get projected catalog – IKEA is offering this option – to virtually stimulate an experience in real time and in real scale to view exactly how the product would fit within the home space; long before we make the decision to buy.

Thus, the magnitude and potential if this great technology is unfathomable, yet. But, all hands point towards the direction of absolute growth for the retailers who make wise use of this Augmented Reality.

How to list your app on top using app store optimization?

Let’s face it, the mobile apps industry has grown multi-folds over the past few years and continues to grow at staggering rates. With hundreds if not thousands of apps under similar categories already competing over the top positions, new app developers don’t seem to have much chance at even getting noticed, that is, unless they are considering to work on their App Store Optimization (ASO).

ASO is similar to SEO, however, for optimization of their mobile apps’ ranking. At present the app industry is split between two major players in terms of market share – Apple’s iOS and Android. Let’s have a look at them.

Google Play for Android

Android is an open source platform and has slightly greater market share and correspondingly more apps under its belt than its counterpart; which doesn’t necessarily mean it has “better” apps though. Also, android seems to show an increase in its share, during the course of coming years due to this open sourced nature of the platform.

Apple’s iOS Store

Apple’s iOS on the other hand is not an open source platform, hence, the number of apps available in iOS Store is comparably less. Yet Apple is making more revenue from its apps than Google Play, in-spite of android having more apps and more downloads per app.

Apps store optimisationApp Store Optimization Techniques to optimize your Apps:

Here is a quick tip to help you optimize your apps to hit the top lists.

App Titles

An app title is the most important aspect, keeping it small and making sure it highlights the apps main function will add to your ASO. The ideal recommendation for an app titles is 25 characters or less, as longer titles do not appear appealing when viewed through small screens of a mobile devices.

App Description

A short and clear explanation on what the app is about on what it does. Consider this as the place where you market your app, so make sure to provide all the necessary details, while making sure it is still short enough for users accessing through mobile devices to understand it preciously. As any misleading information here could lead to your app getting a lot of negative feedback, which obviously is what we are trying to avoid.

App Icon / Logo

Make sure you spend your time and effort on developing an icon/logo for your app. Get creative here and make it happen, never ignore this aspect of the app, as it is one of the key for ASO. Developing one that represents the essence of the app is going to make a great difference too.


How else are the users going to be able to find your app, if you are not categorizing it under the right one? When not clear on which category your app will fall under, it is best to scope through the different categories, analyze other similar app and the category they are posted in. If the app falls under multiple categories then place it in the one that’s most appropriate.

Screenshots / Videos

Users like to have a look at the app before downloading it, be it a game or any other application; this is where you can capture this interest. A neat screenshot or a video demo (Google Play) increases interest and trust, leading to more download probability.

Google Play – Google Plus

As, both are products of Google, a Google Plus plugin of your app is also available. More pluses your apps get in it the more likely your app could end up being on top. Use this feature wisely.

iOS Store – Keywords

Follow the recommendations of Apple and Keep your keywords as unique as possible and avoid dumping of generic keywords. This could prove counter-productive.

Following these tips will greatly boost your app’s ranking on both the Google Play and iOS Store. However, like all this in like – practice makes perfect.

Browser based video formats in HTML5

Video formats are diverse and each of them can be used in a specified browsers. Few of the video formats are MP4, VP8, VP9, Theora and so on. There are lots of browsers being used in the web. Most of the web developers are not aware of the latest browsers and the video formats supported by the browsers, they automatically use the prescribed or default video formats. In order to display the videos without any plugins, HTML 5 launched an element called ‘video element’.

HTML5 Video Formats

Let us have brief information about the Video element of HTML 5 and the browser-based video formats in this article…

HTML 5 Supported Video Formats

HTML5 does not state which video formats should be supported browsers. If a video format is appropriate, the browser can support them for free. But, content authors will not allow them to do so, as they consider that the browsers have no least set of video formats to support.

The HTML5 Working Group states that, each browser should support at least one video format. That ideal format of a video should hold the following constraints:

  • Royalty-free
  • Good image quality
  • Low decode processor use
  • Good compression
  • Hardware video decoder must be present with software decoder for a video format.

Video Element of HTML 5

To download a video file in a browser, two methods are used:

  1. JavaScript canPlayType() function

Type refers to the MIME (Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extension) type and the list of codecs. This instructs the browser to decode the file.

  1. <source>

Fallback is supported by the ‘video’ element through the multiple sources specifications. <source> can be any number of elements. The file to be downloaded can be picked by the browser.

Browser- based Video Formats

Theora and WebM are the free formats. MPEG-4 is the non-free format. The most common browser-based video formats in HTML 5 are:

  1. Theora
  2. H.264 (MP4)
  3. VP8
  4. VP9
  5. MPEG 4

Let us see in detail about the browser-based video formats regarding their operating systems, versions, and the browsers to be used.

  1. Theora
Theora Browser OS Latest Version
3.0 Google Chrome 35.0.1916.153 35.0.1916.153
Manual Internet Explorer Windows 11.09
3.5 Mozilla Firefox Windows 7+, Vista, Linux, Android and others 30.0

ESR 24.6.0

2.3 Android Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean
2.28 Web All supported 3.12.2
10.50 Opera Windows Presto,

Windows OS, Linux, FreeBSD

12.17, 22.0.1471.7,



r18297 Chromium Unix, & others
Manual Safari OSX 7.0.5, 6.1.5
4.4 Konqueror All supported 4.13.1


  1. H.264 (MP4)
MP4 Browser OS Latest Version
3.0 Google Chrome 35.0.1916.153
9.0, 9.0, 10.0 Internet Explorer Windows, Windows Phone, Windows RT 11.09, 10.0, 10.0
21.0, 22.0, 26.0, 17.0 Mozilla Firefox Windows 7+, Vista, Linux, Android 30.0

ESR 24.6.0

3.0 Android Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean
2.28 Web All supported 3.12.2
11.50 Opera 20 for Android

12.0.22 for Symbian S60

10.0 for Windows Mobile

3.1 Safari OSX 7.0.5, 6.1.5
Manual Chromium Unix
4.4 Konqueror All supported 4.13.1
  1. VP8
VP8 Browser OS Latest Version
6.0 Google Chrome 35.0.1916.153
Manual Internet Explorer Windows 11.09
4.0 Mozilla Firefox Windows 7+, Vista, Linux, Android & others 30.0

ESR 24.6.0

2.3 Android Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean
2.28 Web All supported 3.12.2




Opera 20 for Android, 12.0.22 for Symbian S60

10.0 for Windows Mobile

Windows Presto,

Windows OS, Linux, FreeBSD

Manual Safari OSX 7.0.5, 6.1.5
r47759 Chromium Unix
4.4 Konqueror All supported 4.13.1
  1. VP9
VP9 Browser OS Latest Version
29.0 Google Chrome 35.0.1916.153
Internet Explorer
28.0 Mozilla Firefox Windows 7+, Vista, Linux, Android & others 30.0

ESR 24.6.0

2.28 Web All supported 3.12.2
16.0 Opera 20 for Android

12.0.22 for Symbian S60

10.0 for Windows Mobile

r172738 Chromium Unix
4.4 Konqueror All supported 4.13.1


  1. MPEG 4/H.264

This format is widely used. It has good speed, video quality, hardware decoders, and compression.

H.264 is used in MP4 format, with Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) audio. Users of MP4 should hold the licences of both AAC and H.264. This format is supported by Apple and Microsoft.

Custom Website Development- Make an Effective and Strong Website with a Design of your choice

In this rivalry e-business, one must be very much smart enough and unique to vend their products online. This online business has evolved more rapidly replacing all the trade modes. The website of a company is the gateway through which the potential clients can be reached. The best marketing technique to pull out millions and millions of valuable customers towards the business is by having a striking and elegant website to satisfy the needs of the customers and the business.

CMS developmentLet us discuss the functions of a customized website and how an effective and strong custom web design of your preferred choice helps in development and promotion of your business?

Customized Websites

The web designs or the layouts that are crafted out from the imaginations of a retailer to meet up the needs of the customers are called as ‘customized websites’.  These web designs should be eye-catchy, germane and must be unique. As eCommerce became the booming field to vend the retail products by showcasing a huge number of products by categorizing themselves into various fields, the users or the buyers always go crazy to grab the products that are special, newest, visually captivating from the appealing websites.

Why Custom Website Development?

Custom Website Development helps you to sell your products at a fast pace and attract more visitors to your business. This unique, attractive and secure websites never lose business to your contenders.

Few reasons to own a custom web design:

  • Provides a neat and crispy look
  • Reflects your eccentricity and uniqueness
  • It amplifies the product visibility
  • It boosts up the brand credibility
  • Can be customized as per corporate or individual needs
  • The customized websites always trims down the maintenance cost
  • They augment the efficacy and competence of your websites
  • Upgraded easily to future ventures
  • User-friendly Content Management System or Control Panel
  • Magnetizes more customers thereby enhancing the company
  • Can be tailor-made than the pre-designed templates
  • Creates a visually appealing, look and feel, user-friendly environment
  • A single visit of a user will facilitate them decide confidently to deal with your website

Functions of a Customized Website

To reach out the targeted audience, the customized websites should be haunting and well-designed. This will lead to have a dramatic bang on the conversion rate of those websites. The customized websites acts as a gateway and put across the message to the audience in an effective way.

Listed below are the functions of an effective and strong custom web design to promote your business:

  1. These websites are developed by the skilled designers using the advanced web-based software development techniques and tools. Hence, all the graphic needs of the customers are satisfied by implementing all kinds of graphics in designing appealing sites.
  2. Background effects, color combinations, and other special effects can be achieved as per the choice of the retailer.
  3. Websites providing easy navigation to the users offers tremendous success to your online business. Certainly, customized websites authorizes navigations to its users.
  4. Though the custom web designs are developed by the professional designers, the company logo can be placed on ‘Home Page’ or on any other page of the website to mark an effective notion in the minds of the potential clientele.
  5. Contact us or FAQ Pages can be designed as per the vendors’ preferences.
  6. Effective marketing tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC) and other tools can be used to promote the sites. This will elevate the number of leads and online visibility which can be transformed into sales.
  7. As there is a wide scope for those web designs in the market, they have been opted by many of the companies in the industry. These bespoke websites can be customized within the budget at reasonable prices.
  8. What you are thinking about? Craft a best layout for your customized website; improve your corporate image to promote your company and your business!

Web Design World – Get your business website design at Affordable Price

K2B Solutions, a dexterous and certified web designing company in India is one of the renowned leaders in the souk of web-services. In this ever-increasing virtual world, we deliver astounding web applications and mobile apps to gratify the diversity needs of our beloved clientele. Our team of skilled professionals with trained expertise exploits latest tools and cutting-edge technology to construct tailor-made websites across the globe.

Web designBack-to-back solutions from K2B Solutions are crafted with par at excellence to bump up your company by having a full-scale control over it. Starting from website creation, our team of professionals cares adroit at handling colossal tasks like e-commerce sites and so on.

Our wide-array of services is as follows:

  • Google-friendly or SEO-friendly Web Design Services
  • Easy, playful Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone’s
  • Appealing Responsive Web Design
  • Unique On-Page Optimization
  • Well turned-out Multimedia Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Comprehensible Software Application Development
  • Effective working Content Management System

Web presence with the exact marketing strategy mix makes you unbeaten in the industry despite of the size of the business. Our pioneering and reliable software development services always grab the attention of the target audience resulting in huge traffic towards the websites. At all times, our services are within the budget of our clientele and expected at optimizing your cost and escalating the opulence to a greater extent.

Above all, our pre-built and customized Content Management System helps you in updating your own content, images and so on. This assists you to structure your personalized content in an organized manner to makes your task even easier.

Web development company

If you’re the one looking forward to augment your online business with the striking websites constructed using the state-of-the-art technology, then K2B Solutions will be the right choice for you. Anyone can avail our web and mobile application development services.

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Promote your business using open source website development

Technology growth is visible with the evolving new technology-based gadgets and web solutions in the market. This makes a clear statement that internet has become a new platform to boost up the business. This attracts millions of users towards this great technology, and the number of web users has escalated. As a result, the development of websites and web applications has also been increased.

CMS web development
Open Source platforms are the gifted boon to the burgeoning eCommerce industry. When compared to the usual commercial products, these platforms present noteworthy benefits. This is one of the amazing platforms to craft and develop strong and scalable web applications and websites.

Let us have a quick study of how open source website development endorse and amplify the E-business…

Open Source
The word ‘open source’ implies that it is open to all. This is also known as ‘Free Source Software’. This model gives you the universal access without any license. Using this amazing software, websites creations are done at ease. The persons with minimal technical knowledge can craft and design a site without any technical help.

Open Source Software
The software developed publicly in a mutual manner is called ‘open source software’. They are available to the public without paying any accessing fees or copyright restrictions. Anyone using web can view the code, download them, update them share them for free. The programs of this software can be improved to a higher extent by sharing them with the friends.

Open Source software Development
Developing the open source software publicly is called as open source software development. The source code of those software products are available to the public to modify or change them to advance their design.

Advantages of Open Source for Website Development
Open Source always provides high-quality, secured and commercial web solutions thereby resulting in the growth of a website to an elevated position. Given below are the advantages of open source for website development:

1.    Stability

For operations continuity, it provides stability.  Users can/cannot take upgrades. It changes as per the requirements of the business.  File format/version compatibility issues are less.

2.    Cost-effective

Free software, perhaps zero purchase price, upgrade fees, management costs, etc.  Cost less when compared to other technologies. Starting from product purchase till the upgrades, it never cracks down your budget. The business can be promoted within low budget.

3.    Audit ability

Claims that are made by the developers can be checked by anyone. Security threats and backdoor accounts can be verified by any user using the open source.

4.    Quality

The numbers of developers are unrestricted. So any number of developers can work in the development process. The end-users get what they want, as they can be personalized as per their creativity. The quality of the product depends on the number of users/developers.

5.    Secure

No need to check for data loss and virus as there are less flaws, bugs and viruses. As they’re open to all, the bugs are tested frequently with the number of people viewing the code. They reduce the load of the system admin. They’re least liable to hack attacks and security breaches.

6.    Freedom

As per your business, you can customize the websites as there’s no vendor-lock constraint.
•    Add desired functionality
•    No compatibility issues
•    Free internal data exchange
•    Effective management of vendors
•    Modifying the site as per your company needs

7.    Support

Users or supporters from all over the world can give effective solutions to the problems, if raised. It doesn’t costs you much.

These advantages of Open Source Software make them a most preferred choice for all websites and web applications as it is an effective solution in promoting the business to the pinnacle!