Facebook Messenger Makes Your Marketing Campaign Better

Had a recent encounter on a famous author’s blog. He writes, “How Facebook messenger had taken away his marketing campaign over email marketing?” He adds, “Facebook messenger has a better impact when compared to other marketing platforms”. So let us have a look on how Facebook messenger could work it out on a marketing campaign.

How Do Facebook Messenger Perform So Well?

Facebook is a social media platform that is familiar with a huge community. 24/7, everyone is busy with Facebook, scrolling news feed. But, a part of the community is busy with Facebook’s messenger. People always love to own their private space. This is where the chat bots play a vital role.

In the beginning, marketers were so much focused on email marketing. Email marketing was their strongest part in digital marketing. But, Facebook messenger broke the regular strategy.

Facebook chat bots became the powerful tools in digital marketing.

What Do Chat Bots Do?

Have you ever imagined email marketing on Facebook? NO? Then let me explain to you how it works. Chat bots are way interesting while experiencing rather than hearing what they do.

Have a look at this site botacademy.com, the interaction in the site helps you understand in a better way, how these messenger bots work. As I said earlier, you could experience what these chat bots do rather than hearing them from someone else.

You would have noticed on email marketing, the lead generation CTA automatically caches the first name of the user from their email.

But here it is something different, the bots chat with the user through Facebook messenger. When the bot does so it generates a message in which you happen to click the “YES” Button and there is no other chance that lets you click “NO”.

So, when this interaction between you and the bot happens, you feel that something that is personal happening. And once you are done with clicking “YES”. You will be promised to connect with them on Facebook messenger.

When you are redirected to the messenger, you will receive a message on the chat box.

This makes you proceed further. You start chatting with the bot on the other end knowing nothing that it is a bot.

Let me give you one good and a familiar example that every one of us has come across. When “Hike” Messenger was redesigned and entered the market a year ago, it was introduced with a chat bot named “NATASHA”.

Many of us, had a narrow mind thinking that it was a girl that was giving us a pretty time on the chat box. Later, when people noticed some irrelevant messages that were answered to their questions, they made it out.

This is how the messenger bots work!!

Isn’t that interesting?

You Know Why It Is Essential To Use Bots?

Do you know why I am writing all this? It was all impressive to me when the bots were interactive. And that is why even I tend to write about them that they are the next promising ones on digital marketing.

Let me explain to you that why Facebook is the next interesting marketing strategy.

  • There are almost 1 billion and odd users of Facebook every month.
  • When compared to email marketing list it is easy to generate lists on Facebook messenger.
  • On customer perspective, there are quite a lot of people who are super interactive when compared to email.
  • The most important one is closing sales on a live chat is easier when compared to email marketing campaign.
  • Facebook messenger is adaptive on both mobile and desktop. Though email is adaptive, messenger is optimized to give a much good experience.

I promise you converting leads on messenger bots is way too easy.

The Easiest Way For Messenger Bot Campaign:

So, you would have understood the importance of Facebook bot in case of running a campaign. Now, are you finding an effective way to create your own Facebook bot?

I know that many of us are not coders and we find an online tool to work for us. I have come across Mailchimp which helps in such circumstances and yet I feel there is something wiser than that.

I came across manychat.com, I found that had an option which said: “CREATE A FACEBOOK BOT”. That pulled my attention. I had an opportunity to have a quick glimpse of a video which was less than a minute.

Then once I completed the tutorial and agreed with the terms of ManyChat, I was directed to create my broadcast for which I had an access to my audience.

The tool had further options such as improvement tools and even to proceed with live chat. There are few more tools and platforms that either support Facebook bot chat. I have listed them below for your future reference.

Hope that could be helpful!!

  • Chatfuel
  • Sequel
  • Chatty People
  • Meokay
  • Botsify
  • Assist
  • Botlist
  • Bot Academy

Final Verdict:

Are you looking out for a change?

Do you wish to have a lively conversion of sales?

Why do you wait anymore?
Grab the chance. Am 100% sure this strategy is going to work more than what you expect? You can now turn your leads to customers instantly and gain more trust. Facebook messenger bots are a really effective way of the campaign when compared to email marketing. Hope the information has helped you so much. If so, do not fail to tell us!!