Let’s Travel Together – You & We with Shopify

eCommerce industry is growing rapidly, and the modernization in the same made the shop owners to revamp their whole online store. Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform that allows customers to hold and design their store with all the updated features. K2B Solutions is persuading hard to help the customers around the world to cherish in their business concerning the growing modern world techniques. We always suggest our clients have their eCommerce store developed using Shopify as it has almost every features. Here, we invite the eCommerce store authorities to travel with us towards the success.


Create an Online Store using CS-Cart

Technology improvisation makes people smarter and showers heaps and heaps of benefits to the users. To top as a victorious online store, it should be capable of managing an infinite number of categories and unlimited products to gain quality response from the end users. These user-friendly websites can be utilized by the users even without any technical knowledge. The virtual interface and the exclusive features of these stores dig out the shopping needs of the people and enchant them completely.Online cartEcommerce, a booming industry in today’s market has lot of scope and this is mostly preferred by most of the marketers to promote their sales to a higher level. Creating an eCommerce site to attain a great reach in the bazaar without the help of the developers is possible nowadays. If you’re in search of a classy and stylish shopping cart for your start-ups to meet up all your needs, then CS-Cart will be the right choice for you!!!

What is CS-Cart?
Cs Cart is one of the most excellent shopping cart solutions to design an online store despite of the size of the business. This amazing tool helps to administer your online store wherever you’re. Sustain your customized online eCommerce website on your own server to manage your business with maximum comfort.

Why CS-Cart?

CS Cart is available in three standalone editions:

  • Professional
  • Ultimate
  • Multi-vendor

This is the reason why, this tool suits all the businesses of any size. This can be used for a new standalone project or it can affix more functionality features to the existing one.

Create an Online Store using CS-Cart
If you wanna start up a business and develop a website on your own? Don’t be worried that you’re not aware of the HTML and CSS codes which are the basics for creating a websites. Your creativity is quite enough to create an online store using CS-Cart.

Follow the below instructions to craft your own desired website to augment your business:

Installation & Setup

  • Create an account in CS-Cart Customer Help Desk system. Place an order for CS-Cart license. Then download the software in your system.
  • Register a domain name with the affordable CS-Cart hosting packages.
  • To offer a safer environment to all the customers, get an SSL certificate installed on the server.
  • Then install CS-Cart software on your server.
  • Give your entire company address which is given to calculate shipping costs.
  • Then, list out all the languages in which the site will be available.
  • Quote the prices to be displayed and the payment methods to be accepted.
  • Give the mode of shipping methods.
  • Create and set up taxes applicable and the necessary terms and conditions.
  • Set up all general settings like minimum order amount, weight symbol, one-page checkout, extended search, etc.
  • Once the installation and setup was over, you can add the products manually or import the whole product database in CSV format.

Home Design

  • Pick the captivating design from a list of design themes available.
  • Provide the essential information like title of the page, welcome message and meta-information in the home page.
  • Pop in your own logo. Then in CS-Cart admin panel, change the default language to date and time format.
  • CS-Cart default functionality has to be changed, if your company has some special features. This can be done easily if a person is well-versed in Smarty Templates, MYSQL, and PHP.


  • This part is only to attract the customers towards your business. You can do so by adding additional and striking features like reward points, gift coupons, promotions, etc.
  • Use a resourceful and innovative content management system (CMS). This helps to store large number of products classified under various categories and this in turn, promotes your business by attracting many customers to your store.
  • Different information pages like featured products, related products, bestsellers, listing as per price, listing as per category can be used to group the products in a structured way.
  • Then focus on the target audience by advertising your site on the social media.

Kick start your own dream business and bring all your imaginations into existence in the form of an online store with all your creativity!!!

Why X Cart is preferred over Magento for ecommerce solutions?

Got drained with your unprofitable business in some other field? Come out from that and kick-start your ecommerce online business.

Develop a site using X Cart. The visualization of these site gives the paramount viewing experience to all their valuable clients by presenting a number of product catalogues in their devices wherever they’re. This helps you to deal with thousands of customers, picking many preferred products of their choice by simply adding them to the shopping cart. Placing orders at ease using this method earned a good retorts from the users of these ecommerce sites. X-Cart Vs MagentoAfter selecting the web layout for your ecommerce website, next choice should be of shopping cart as they hold a vital role in them. Let us see in detail how X Cart is effective and widely used more than Magento in most of the ecommerce websites.

Magento and X Cart

Magento – Magento Inc is the developer of this open source ecommerce web application which uses EAV model for the data storage.

X Cart – open source software developed using PHP as a base

Why X Cart not Magento for Ecommerce?

Organization Features

  • X Cart is a robust open source app, and it can multiply the prospective of shopping carts persistently through consistent resources and services.
  • This app always comes with substantiate user manuals and technical support.
  • Step-by-step runs the system instantaneously once the installation gets completed
  • Easy to modify and competitively priced, hence it goes well with any kind of business despite of its size
  • More insightful and user-friendly solution when compared with Magento
  • Cost-effective solution to meet up the budget
  • Online Store Manager can keep track of the inventory to know the remaining stock at any time.
  • To facilitate the sales, it gives the detailed reports, statistics, catalog manager and much more.
  • Administrator can limit the access of a user to certain goods or products.

End user benefits

  • It is a search engine friendly app.
  • Before buying a product, the customers are open to the options like ‘compare’ and ‘review’. This assists the buyers in getting the best from a number of choices.
  • Customers can rate a particular product. This in turn results in knowing the additional features of that product and results in high productivity.
  • Integrates with the famous social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc
  • Once the product is added to the shopping cart before checkout, it leads to the payment gateways that are more secure. The most famous payment gateways that act as a mediator between the banks and the online stores are also integrated with this app.
  • Responsive interfaces provide mobile compatibility despite of the sizes of the devices. (Either desktop or mobile)
  • Customers are given 24/7 assistance via Live Chat or through phone calls.

System-based features

  • It can be easily set up at shared server, because of its less resource consumption
  • As PHP Smarty Template System is used by it, programmers love to design the layout of the website.
  • Huge amount of data can be stored in MYSQL database. The database can be extended or customized as the complete source code and SQL are given.
  • To make use of the static HTML and dynamic content, it has incorporated HTML Catalog functionality.
  • Increases performance and customizes uniquely to gratify the needs of the diverse online stores
  • Highly reliable and rapidly fast without any extra optimization
  • A robust online store management system to store thousands of products
  • Being an open source app, it can be downloaded for free of cost. At the same time, the products at the online store can be added, edited and deleted as per the convenience of the vendor of the online store.
  • Provides maximum flexibility, hence it is preferred by most of the developers.

App’s added features

  • Inventory is controlled directly and informs the purchasing sector regarding the time of restocking goods.
  • Provides hosted and self-hosted services
  • Being a search-engine friendly app with rating features, the company websites are rated in the renowned search engines.
  • The online stores can be customized to be more attractive as per the choice of the online store manager to present a gorgeous site to grab the attention of more visitors or buyers.

Have the best feasible shopping experiences with X cart!!!

How mobile commerce application gains your ecommerce business?

The tremendous growth in ecommerce and emerging of new mobile commerce application created a great impact in the evolving are of e-commerce. Enhance your competitive existence and mark your remarkable reality in the market by launching a mobile commerce application. Selling the goods through mobile devices with the help of the applications installed in it helps the consumers to purchase their necessities wherever they’re. This also gives the exact visualization of the favorite products of the customers on the smaller screens (i.e., through their mobile devices) before they buy. M-commerce applications enforce sales with its influence of mobility.

M-Commerce-application Mobile Commerce, E-commerce and M-commerce Application

Mobile Commerce or m-commerce is delivering the consumer chosen products at the doorsteps of the customers through mobile or wireless technology.

E-commerce: Electronic Commerce shortly known as E-commerce is defined as trading a product or service through internet.

The application that is designed by understanding the requirements of the mobile users and adopted with the help of various mobile devices through different mobile networks is known as an ‘M-commerce application’.

Why M-commerce?

As mobiles are ubiquitous and usages of mobile users are increasing, M-commerce expands your business or trade and helps to reach globally in the market. This affixes a great value to the business and reinforces the customer relationship. Due to the continuous arrivals of new trend of latest technologies like tablets and Smartphone in the industry, m-commerce enlarges the customer loyalty thereby leading a gateway to new sales and so on.

M-commerce boost up the productivity of any business despite of its sizes and efficiently manages the business processes.

Mobile Commerce for business of all sizes:

As technology improves, people started spending their time more on mobiles which brings the entire world into their hands through their attractive smaller screens. Mobile users are very much particular in getting different and personalized services or application in their mobiles. Mobile with an internet connection is more or less a lappy or desktop with an internet connection. Above all, that is handy too. So, everyone becomes internet savvy and started grabbing for their preferred products through various online boutiques through m-commerce. Despite of the size of the business, m-commerce emerges as the leading and the foremost method of selling products or services.

M-commerce Application Features

1.    Look and feel environment
One of the most attractive features of Mobile commerce application is ‘look and feel environment’, as it showcases the unique features and catalogue images on their smaller screens. Also helps in attaining user interaction and user experience with their easy accessible site design. This in turn augments the mobile sales resulting in powerful mobile marketing. The retailers involved in this m-commerce can expand endless awareness about their products or services on famous search engines like Google, Playstore, AppStore, etc.

2.    Safer and secured transactions
Users of mobiles are smarter and they are very much aware of the mobile security. To swathe the user in a safer and secured environment, they are redirected to the safe and sound payment gateways. Many such payment gateways are linked with the e-commerce sites and the banking websites.  By this way, they are serving to help the mobile users to make an effective transaction.

3.    Other features
Mobile users always give preferences to the personalized services and applications. By keeping that in mind, most of the mobile commerce applications has been developed and designed. This gives utmost user interaction with the great graphical design and visualization of the mobile applications. With the help of the flexibility and localization features of the mobile applications, mobile users get the exact information about the products and services in their locality where they reside.

Advantages of M-commerce Application

M-commerce applications amplify your business scopes with the emerging trends in mobile technology and boost your e-commerce sales tremendously. Few more pros of using m-commerce are:

  • Mobility
  • Saves time
  • Quick access time and quick response time
  • Great user experience and interaction
  • Promotes sales at zero cost
  • Hassle free transaction
  • Data integrity and security

What to do to differentiate your Ecommerce Business?

Just imagine that you could be able to sell your products or services online at very good prices, and also have your customers be excited to pay the amount whatever you charge for your products or services. This sounds good! Yes, it is utterly possible if you use proper methods and strategies in your e-commerce business.
Ecommerce AlternateTo make your e-commerce business different from your competitors and steer miles ahead of them, then these are the ways that help you to achieve your goal:

  • One of the best ways to separate yourself from your competitors is through absolutely exceptional customer service. Offering an outstanding and unique customer service is easier said than done. As an e-commerce business owner, you have to analyze and decide on what would appeal to your customer base. It could be quick delivery, packaging, and may be shipping options. Find out the unique ways of serving your customers in a better manner, and stand out from your competitors.
  • Personalization and customization are the most popular aspects in e-commerce business. Personalization involves modifying your e-commerce website to suit your customer’s preferences by using cookies. For example, if a customer is buying a product from your website, you need to list out the similar products of interest on your homepage when the next time the customer login. On the other hand, customization helps you to empower the users by providing them tailor-made solutions based on their requirements.
  • Enrich the user experience when the users come to your e-commerce website for buying your products or services. Creating a memorable and exciting experience for the users not only brings satisfaction to them, but also guarantees repeat business. Even for first-time visitors of your website, the novelty of the user experience immediately sparks their interest, draws them into your online store, and keeps them do more online purchases from your website.
  • Harnessing technology and social media into your e-commerce business is very important to beat your competitors. If you are innovative, you can always harness the latest available technologies and integrate them into your e-commerce website to grow your online business. On the other hand, given that social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and so on, has turned out to be a tidal wave, hence it is mandatory to accord it a special place in your e-commerce strategy.
  • Offering attractive or competitive price is obviously one of the best ways to attract more customers. You can sell your products or services at lower prices as compared to your competitors by following various options such as managing to source your products or services at affordable prices, or being able to cut down or reduce the shipping expenses, etc. Indeed, lower price can be a formidable competitive advantage. So, price is undeniably considered as a strong way of differentiating your e-commerce website.
  • Offering a guarantee on your products or services shows your customers that you are assuming the risk, because your customer satisfaction is your primary concern. Apart from providing best customer service and amazing user experience, you can put your customers at ease with a splendid guarantee. Offering guarantee speaks volumes about your e-commerce business, and how firmly your business stands behind your products or services.

Ecommerce is obviously a promising realm of opportunities for ambitious business owners, and the only way to outdo the competition is by daring to be absolutely different. Apart from the above mentioned strategies, there are also some other strategies available to differentiate your e-commerce business, and also it all depends on your ground-breaking and passionate approach.

What you need to do to make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly?

You have an e-commerce website for your online business. Well done. But, is it mobile-friendly? If no, then that may be the main reason why your website is not preferred by most users for shopping.

Because, in the recent past days, more and more people are turning to their handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets to access the web. So, it is important that your e-commerce website must not only be user-friendly but also be mobile-friendly.
Mobile-ecommerce-storeFurthermore, the web design must be conductive in order to make the e-commerce portion of the website navigation-friendly, i.e., easily accessible for users. Always keep in mind that the users may not have enough patience and also may easily get frustrated. So, make sure that the users must stay on your e-commerce website, and they can able to complete the purchase or transaction in a timely manner.

So, are you ready to make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly? If yes, here are the three ways to go about achieving your goal.

  • Keep everything simple: Never make the navigational system overly confusing; always make it simple and easy. Ensure that the users can able to view a clear and concise navigational path towards buying your products or services. Once your e-commerce mobile website is developed, imagine that you have never used the website and look out the website at your customer’s perspective. Then customize your website to meet all your customer’s requirements. Always make your website simple, fast and easy, and also make your navigational links obvious. If everything in your e-commerce website is concise, quick and smooth, then the number of purchasers using your site will be increased, which in turn increases your retention rate and profits.
  • Make your e-commerce website responsive: A responsive web design is an approach in which the information from a website is converted to fit different types of devices such as mobile phones and tablets. To provide an optimal viewing experience to your users, make your e-commerce website responsive. When your website is responsive, it makes it much simpler for the users to access what they need from your website. The most important things, such as products, services and the e-commerce portion, have to pop right out at the customer, allowing them to have a quick and on the go access to the mobile commerce portion, and hence successfully complete their purchases.
  • Use WordPress to build your website: WordPress is an open source blogging tool that provides a huge variety of plug-ins and enables you to build an effective mobile-friendly websites easily. For example, WP touch is one of the plug-ins that will make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly and accessible. That is, this plug-in allows the users to see a mobile version of your e-commerce website on their mobile phones. In case, if you don’t have WordPress, then you can still use other ways to make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly. So many methods and approaches are available to make an e-commerce website mobile-friendly. So, choose a best one for your e-commerce site to achieve what you need.

At K2B Solutions, our expert web design and development team can help to make your e-commerce website more mobile-friendly for your users. We set up WordPress through your e-commerce website to make the entire process simple.  Also, we make the navigational links simpler and concise, and thus make your e-commerce website responsive, which can help retain your customers and maximize profits for your online business.

How to make a successful e-commerce store?

Today, the competition is huge! Literally, more than thousands of online businesses are started every day, and hence the competition seems to be getting tougher day by day. So, you need to have an outstanding online store design and a strong marketing strategy that helps you to stand out from the crowd.

The main challenge here is not just having your online shop up and running, instead it is very important to attract visitors and convert them to paying customers.

The following tips guide you to make your online shop really standout:

  • Make your website simple: The most common mistake that is done when designing an e-commerce website is adding too much of content like flash animation, large graphics, videos and audios. These features may seem appealing to visitors, but will seriously affect the performance and the speed of your website. Instead, ensure that your web design is well-organized and your online store is easily navigable.
  • Analyze your website: To run a successful e-commerce business, you need to analyze your website thoroughly. Your web design might be having a great look, but if there are no customers, then there is no use in having such a website for your business. Hence, you need to analyze the reason for this and find out the best solutions. Some free powerful tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster, provide you important information on your customer’s preferences and how they use your website.
  • Track your competitors: Always check what your competitors doing and what customers like to do shopping around the best deals. And if your competitors provide a cheaper shipping rate than what you provide or if they have a monthly sale, then it clearly shows that the customers are shopping at your competitor’s website instead! So, always stay competitive and pertinent without losing your brand image, and also set up monthly sales, free delivery offers and competitions frequently.
  • Have strong social presence: By having a strong social presence, you can increase your brand loyalty and sales right away. One of the easiest ways to make your customers engage in your business is opening a blog with frequent updates of your brand. Also, having social reviews of your products or services will definitely increase loyalty and conversion of your online shop. The social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more, are all free to sign up and they are all the most powerful online marketing tools for your online business.
  • Provide good customer service: Always keep in mind that every visitor of your website is a potential customer. Suppose if you get customers’ query, then it is important that you have to get back to them as soon as possible. If you do not deal with your customers’ queries promptly and effectively, then there is a great chance to slip your potential customers, as there is a heavy competition in the online business. Also, make sure that you always have someone to deal with the customer service for you, in case if you are away or not available to deal with it.
  • Encourage returning customers: It is apparent that returning customers will greatly benefit your online business. If you provide your customers with good products and services, then there is a high chance of coming back. So, set up exclusive offers or deals for returning customers or monthly sales on your social platforms. Also, ensure that you never over-sell your products or services, which will drive your customers away.
  • Have a clear marketing strategy: Every good online business must have a clear marketing strategy. So, make sure that you have a perfect marketing strategy for your e-commerce business. Ensure that what customers you are targeting and what region is your market. If you are really serious about your online business, then have your website ranked well in all search engines with a good SEO campaign.