Few good Tricks To Improve Your WordPress Theme

Improve your WordPress Themes

In WordPress, the “Themes” play a vital part in making one’s site look unique and impressive. To that fact, there are thousands of themes available for the users to choose from and download, these are either offered for free or for a premium. However, did you know all these themes can be further tweaked in order to get better optimization, features or customization?

Well, let’s have a look at few simple yet effective tweaks that can be done to your WordPress themes, to offer better and safer experience to your website visitors.

Theme Images

Images are the primary part of most themes; they are on the logos, the backgrounds, icons and so on. However, WordPress theme developers sometimes fail to realize that their high resolution/high quality images are actually doing more bad to the theme users than good.

How? A high resolution image may make the theme look very pretty and luring, but, what they are also doing is, drastically increasing the load time of these images. When we factor that there are multiple images within a webpage; we can assume how greatly they would affect the total load time or bandwidth consumption – resulting in a very slow website altogether, which we don’t want.

Hence, by optimizing these images we can ensure for a better web experience for our website users. To do that we need to use photo editing tools (for example “Photoshop”), and reduce the image’s resolution through quality settings. Lowering the resolution up to the point just before where the image starts to have a hit on its color or quality would be your sweet spot. Also, some tools offer you options to reduce image file size without making much change to the image’s quality.

This should effectively speedup the theme.

wordpress development

PHP Flush

Like the above step, the purpose of this function is to make your WordPress blog load faster too. A PHP flush should be added immediately after the header, this forces the server to send the header content before rest of the website.

<?php flush(); ?>

What this does is give the browser enough time to load stylesheets in the header reference when it’s waiting for other contents of the webpages to load.


Favicon makes your website look professional. But, what is a favicon? It is the icon that you see on the browser’s address bars. Some themes do not come with it by default, in-order to add one you can do the following.

<link rel=”icon” href=”favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon” />

The “href” refers to the favicon file. Adding this code within the header.php found inside the theme’s directory should get your icon up on the bar.

Theme Security

Hackers and other such malicious users can take advantage of various weaknesses within a specific version of the WordPress to attack your website. What makes it ironic is that, your WordPress version is displayed right on the header.

So, what do you do? There’re few steps you can take to get your website protected – that is by removing the displayed version number altogether. The generator code is placed within the <head> tags of the theme.

Step 1
•   Check if the following line is present in the header.php <meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress <?php bloginfo(’version’); ?>” />
•   If yes, then remove it, as it prints the version number as the <meta> tag.

Step 2
•   Now, under functions.php (you can create one if it does not exist, using “source code editor”) past the following: <?php remove_action(‘wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’); ?>
•   This ensures that the version number won’t be available through wp_head()

Login Errors

Hiding your login errors is another way of protecting your themes too. The reason being that when a person types in a wrong password or a wrong username this error code reveals the exact type of error to the users.
That is; when one type’s in a wrong username the message states its so, giving the potential hacker a confirmed feedback. And when the password alone is wrong, it states that too, ensuring to them that a username is valid, which only requires from them to hack for the password.

So, to remove this – add the following line under functions.php.

add_filter(‘login_errors’, create_function(‘$a’, “return null;”));

Making these minor changes to your wordpress theme, will ensure that it better optimized for safer and faster browsing experience.


Introducing Laravel – PHP web Application framework

All software application builders agree on one thing, which is: building these software applications are a complex and time consuming procedure, however these builders usually do not have the privilege of excessive time. That’s when the use of frameworks came into play. People where able to use these frameworks to develop their projects at greater speeds and in much more accurate / stable manner. This was thanks to the framework’s use of generic contents and a common structure as foundation.

Web application framework
Use of the framework allowed for scalability of these projects which facilitated in long term maintenance as well. This was possible due to the standards used through the development process which helped keep the codes organized and accessible for future improvements or amendments.

Having drastically reduced the time constrains from the equation, developers were able to focus more on dedicated tasks such as functionality, quality and sustainability of their programs. One such top of the line PHP framework is Laravel. Let’s have a look at it now.

Laravel – A Brief Intro

This is one of the best PHP web application frameworks of the new generation available out there. It is an expressive elegant syntax, which is aimed at bringing comfort to web developers by making the common tasks easy, which includes caching, sessions, routing as well as authentication. It gives access to powerful tools such as expressive migration system, inversion control container and integrated unit testing support. All of which are needed for the development of applications that are large, complex and robust. From complex applications to simple ones, Laravel is apt for all type or size of projects. This framework is built over many Symfony components that helps it provide a strong & tested code as the foundation. Its composer grants you the ability to manage all the 3rd party packages of your applications. This also works extremely well with SQLite, SQL Server, Postgres and MySQL.

Laravel combines the best of all that is offered through other frameworks on the web which includes implementations from different languages like ASP.NET MVC, Sinatra and Ruby on Rails.

Now, let’s take a much deeper look into the features of this framework.

Features of Laravel

The most prominent features of Laravel, that’s keeping developers’ on the edge of their seats.

•    Bundles – The bundles are typically simple packages that offer added functionalities that helps you save a lot of time and coding when used. They usually contain some of the most commonly used functionalities.
•    Class Autoloading – The auto-load feature assures that all the components are loaded at the right time, saving the developers a lot on tedious and menial works.
•    View Composer – These are specific codes that run while the “view” is on load.
•    Unit Testing – The framework allows for the users to create the unit test very easily and then run them using Artisan utility. And, one of the important aspect is that it supports number of test by itself, thus, ensuring the application’s greater stability.
•    The Eloquent ORM – This is by default one of the most sophisticated PHP Active-Record implementations that’s available, making it apt at applying constrains to nested eager loading as well as relationships. By doing that it grants you complete control on the data, with convenience.
•    Application Logic – This can either be applied to your application directly or by using the controllers.
•    Reverse Routing – Reverse routing allows the creation of links directly to named routes, thus, when the developers are creating new links, they just need to use the route’s names, which will get the right URLs inserted automatically. Also, future updates or changes to the routes are as effective as well.
•    Restful Controllers – This is an alternate way of separating the “GET” & “POST” request logic.
•    Inversion of Control (IoC) Container – With IoC the developers can create optional instants or new objects, etc without the need to bootstrapping external libraries. It also grants you the freedom to access those objects anywhere and not get bothered by inflexible structures.

With all these features, Laravel is one of kind PHP web application framework that’s here to take advantage of the developers’ potential and boost their effectiveness in building new applications. As the web development technologies undergo rapid changes, you can count on our team to keep your web apps up to date!

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Want to build a robust website? Hiring a dedicated PHP programmer is the best choice!

One of the most recognized programming languages used for web development processes is PHP. We all know that PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open source, server-side and HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic and robust websites.Hire-PHP-Developer-FinalThe PHP scripting language is very popular among many PHP developers all over the globe. There are so many web development companies that have talented PHP developers and programmers to guide you all through. The ultimate goal of these companies is to build high-quality and user-friendly websites for you. These companies provide customized web development services that build a unique identity for your business.

When the internet came into existence, there was an urgent requirement for every organization to make its online presence to reach global customers. With the passing years, the usage of the internet has been kept on increasing at a rapid speed and thereby demanding for a change.

In these days, companies are having their websites for not only just to have an online presence but to create a stand-alone identity for them to reach their customers all around the world. To do this, they need to hire a talented PHP programmer from a recognized company.

There are so many web development companies scattered all over the globe serving PHP services with effective and valuable solutions. Their professional PHP developers consider all your business requirements and build robust websites that reach wide-ranging global customers.

If you research well to know the best scripting language that enables you to create powerful websites and content, you will find out that PHP is the best option. Even though PHP is easy to write as well as to use, in order to make a professional website for your business, you need to hire a PHP programmer who has an extensive knowledge of web development solutions.

PHP has simple features and properties to develop efficient websites and web pages; hence it has become more popular amongst business owners and developers. Another most demanding phenomenon for developing websites and web pages that has come up in the recent days is nothing but the PHP MySQL development. Using this development is one of the special ways of developing websites that provides various levels of controls based on your business requirements and importance.

PHP MySQL is an ideal combination of online scripting languages. You can find so many PHP MySQL applications available in the market and hence the PHP MySQL developer is always in high demands.

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