The Soulmate – Content Marketing & SEO

Content Marketing has always been a key factor in digital marketing especially in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The SEO world normally calls the duo as the perfect Soulmate. Many users have stated that before they buy a product online, they read the content and the reviews related to the product. The following Infographic by K2B Solutions depicts the relationship between the SEO and the content marketing.

SEO Vs Content


Want to rebrand your product or business? Here is what you need to do


You might have read an article on “Rebranding – Will it be your next big decision?” that we posted a couple of days back. The article concentrated more on what is rebranding and the pros and cons of rebranding your business or product. This article will educate you on how to rebrand your company or product and also the steps involved in rebranding.

A quick recap:

Rebranding is a something you do to re-create your business with new strategies or even with some changes to your website deign, logo design or rarely changing the company name completely. Rebranding not only helps you to stay updated with the recent trends but also makes your customer believe that their favourite company/organization is up to date.

Rebranding – What you need to do?

As the process of rebranding sets a new lifestyle to you and your company, you need to be very careful and concentrated in the process. Here are few things to consider or to take care before/while rebranding your business.

Evaluate – Means a lot:

This step might be one long process as it is the initial and the most important of all other steps that are about to follow. A SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis is crucial to proceed with anything.

Employees and Stakeholders of your company are important and their feedback is more valuable than anything else. Sometimes even the customer feedback means a lot. These feedbacks are always genuine and honest that helps in most situation to understand the company. The evaluation of the current culture is more close to that of the brand audit in-house. Get feedback (Imperative) and proceed further.

State – Be clear:

State your goals clearly and stay focused to avoid any hassle. During rebranding, everything from mission to the vision of the company changes to give everything a new look. This clear strategy helps your company’s employees to contribute towards the growth i.e. it helps your employees to look clearly at their individual roles and the roles of the team that makes the company grow. From this act, your employees can build a work environment that matches your goal.

Deliver – Make understand:

Once the core values and principles are in the place, it’s time to deliver it your stakeholders and employees of the company. But, how? Personal meetings with the employees and the stakeholders are the apt way to make things turn around.

Don’t just deliver, make people live your vision towards the company. Be direct and honest to make everyone understand what your vision is going to do to the company and its population. The app word that makes things happen is ‘Sell’. Sell things but don’t market them as marketing will not work with your employees and the stakeholders.

Execute – Even to the fresher:

Now you have done with implementing everything to the onboard or in-house employees and stakeholders. But, what if the new intake doesn’t know much? Then there is some trouble. Implement your core value and the company’s vision in the hiring process.

If the new intake knows everything about the company’s values and it mission/vision, then your are complete on the safer side. This step makes your feel comfortable and has a united team that knows everything about the company.

Author Bio:
A graduate in Engineering and Journalism with a passion for photography and travel, Dhinesh Rajarathinam loves to write about various niches from arts to technology. He is currently working as a Technical Content Writer in K2B Solutions, a leading Web and Mobile App Development Company in India.