Hire CakePHP Developers for Best Web Development Services

Today, Cake PHP, a popular web development framework, is playing an important role in web application development. It provides an extensible architecture for web development and hence it is mainly used for getting a wide range of web applications. Using Cake PHP, you can also deploy and maintain web applications easily.
As Cake PHP is an open source web development framework, web developers can focus on an assortment of core development areas and hence they can able to manage the small issues that occur during web application development.

Also, by using Cake PHP in your web development, you can create attractive websites and web applications. That is why this technique is mostly preferred by business people all over the world.

To develop an attractive and robust website or application, you can take help from a qualified and well-experienced Cake PHP Development Company. However, hiring Cake PHP developers for web development is the best option to get web applications with great functionality and interactivity at affordable costs.

Nowadays, you can find so many companies in PHP web development all around the world. In order to use the services of Cake PHP developers at affordable costs, you need to choose any one of the professional PHP development companies located in India.

Because, hiring Cake PHP developers from countries like India will give you an unbelievable cost advantage. India has a pool of highly skilled and experienced Cake PHP developers who never hesitate to do hard work to meet your project requirements.

Indian Cake PHP development companies offer all kinds of Cake PHP development solutions such as Cake PHP customization, Cake PHP web application development, Cake PHP CMS development, Cake PHP shopping cart development, etc.

That is why most companies working on this platform prefer to hire Cake PHP developers for their web development to get optimal results that are competitive and yet reasonably priced.

After hiring a good Cake PHP developer, what you need to do is avail all the benefits that you can get from their services. Getting help from professional developer would definitely give you a great outcome as they use their industry experience to understand your business needs and find a perfect solution that fulfill your needs.

Therefore, if you have any need for Cake PHP related web development then you have to seriously think of hiring a professional Cake PHP application developer for best results. Hiring Cake PHP developers from Cake PHP development companies is the best option for web development when compared to hiring a freelancer.

Because, hiring Cake PHP developers helps you to save huge costs that involve in providing the freelancers good infrastructure, salaries, etc. Moreover, they also have all the essential knowledge working on Cake PHP technology as they work on different projects for various clients across the globe.

Ultimately, almost all business owners across the globe believe in the benefits of hiring Cake PHP developers for potential web development technology Cake PHP. Both online and offline businesses find ways of getting their work done at affordable costs through good quality services.

In this expensive world, hire Cake PHP developers from offshore service providing companies especially in India has astonished everybody with its cost-effectiveness in the Cake PHP development field.

Benefits Of Using Data Management That Can Make Your Company Succeed And Thrive In The Future

Data Management is the development, implementation and management of plans, policies, procedures, practices and programs that control, protect, deliver and augment the value of data and information assets in an effective manner.

Various approaches are there in data management. One such approach is Master Data Management or MDM, which is a comprehensive method of facilitating an organization to connect all of its important data to one file, which is called as a master file. Generally, the master file provides a common point of reference.


Nowadays, businesses are subject to a lot of compliance regulations and hence the effective management of business data has grown in importance. Moreover, the complete volume of data or information that should be managed by corporate has increased so markedly, which is sometimes called as big data.

However, organizing, administrating and governing huge volume of both structured as well as unstructured data is called as Big data management. The big data management is generally employed by big corporate, government agencies and other organizations to manage their fast growing pools of data and a different variety of data types.

Today, we are in a data deluge and it can keep on growing in intensity as the quantity, frequency and resolution of data sources increases, and the dependence on data also increases rapidly.

The benefits of data management are as follows:

Improved Efficiency:

Generally, the data are easy to handle when they are obtained and hence proper data management can seem to be not necessary. But, on the other hand, over time, data accumulates, many changes are made in data, some data are intentionally discarded, some data may be lost unfortunately, or subsets of the data may be copied or shared with others. Therefore, if data are not properly managed, then an increasing amount of time has to be spent on corrective activity. So, to reduce the amount of time spent on dealing with data-related problems, it is necessary to assign explicit responsibility to take care of data, documenting and implementing procedures for handling data, and making sure that the data is properly classified, stored and backed up.

Protection from Data-related Risks:

Data security is a very important part of data management. To ensure that your data is never permanently lost, you need to procure backup and recovery procedures and also data handling protocols. You can secure your data by controlling its malicious access and inappropriate release. Good data management practices ensure data security by protecting a project and its members from breaking privacy laws and loss of reputation and prestige.

Improved Research Quality:

In particular, digital data could be effectively harmed or contaminated. By protecting the long-term quality of data, data management guarantees the authenticity of later investigation and underpins the validity of research findings.

Enhanced Reputation and Prestige:

There is a growing society of open-data over numerous research communities. New administrations and foundation are constantly made to support the long term preservation of data sets and their re-use by others long after the definitive research is completed. Distribution of data, separated from research findings, is turned into an additional source of eminence for researchers. New norms for citing existing data sets and accumulations are constantly improved and data citations are liable to turn into an accepted additional measure of academic performance.

Good data management is required to make sure data is able to be protected at the closure of a task or project, and made accessible for people in the public .

WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal: Which CMS is best for a business website?

If you are looking at building a new website for your business, then you may be wondering that which content management system or CMS would be the best choice for your business ?

Open Source CMS
In this article, we are going to look at the following three most widely used content management systems that help you to build a robust website:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

Here, we will just try to compare and figure out which content management system will show better compatibility with all your business requirements.All the three content management systems are open-source software and each one is developed by a community of thousands of developers. Also, all the three content management systems are continuously being improved to support new internet technologies.Even though, all the three tools perform the same action, they completely differ on the user-end. The difference between the three content management systems is only in the scalability and usability.However, choosing a best content management system is entirely depends on your goals, technical expertise, budget and what you need your website to do.

In case, if you want to create a blog or a brochure-type website, then WordPress would be the best choice. Or, if you want to build a complex and highly customized website that needs scalability and intricate content organization, then Drupal might be the perfect choice for your website. For something in between that has an easier learning curve, then you can go for Joomla to develop your website.

All the three content management systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us compare them and find out which one will be the best for businesses.

WordPress – Advantages and Disadvantages:
WordPress is a best content management system that meets the requirements of a huge proportion of individuals and businesses. It is perfect for the majority of company websites, blogs, forums, job boards, portfolios, simple eCommerce websites, membership websites, etc.

As WordPress is a user-friendly and search engine friendly platform, it is mainly used to create blogs.
The main advantages of WordPress are

  • Open Source (The core code is completely free)
  • Easy to Use (Even non-technical people can use it)
  • Search Engine Friendly (All search engines like it)
  • Incredibly Flexible (Numerous add-ons and plug-ins available)
  • Huge Community (You can always get help whenever you need it)

The following are the major reasons why WordPress is not preferred:

  • WordPress is not suitable if you have unusual or complex business requirements
  • Using WordPress, it is not possible to build more advanced eCommerce websites
  • Some individuals feel that WordPress is not secure when compared to a custom system or Drupal

Joomla – Advantages and Disadvantages:
Joomla is another comprehensive content management system that meets the requirements of most individuals and organizations. It has lost its popularity as WordPress and Drupal have captured the hearts of many non-technical individuals.
The few great advantages of using Joomla are

  • Open Source (The core code is completely free)
  • Very Flexible (More than 10,000 free extensions available)
  • Huge community (No shortage of developers to provide you help when you need)

The same reasons why people don’t prefer WordPress are also applying for Joomla. However, some factors are there that make people turn away from Joomla:

  • Joomla doesn’t provide a clear logic about where information is generally stored or edited. Sometimes, the same information appears in different parts of the content management system. Hence, Joomla users get confused with using the interface.
  • Joomla requires some extra effort to set up all the on-site SEO elements of a Joomla website.

Drupal – Advantages and Disadvantages:
Drupal is a great content management system that is used by a lot of people to build their websites. Similar to WordPress, Drupal also has a distinct fan club of website developers.

The advantages of using Drupal are

  • Open Source (The core code is completely free)
  • Open Architecture (Makes it a dream for website developers to expand it)
  • Incredibly Flexible (Around 17,000 free modules are available)
  •  Huge Community (You can always get help whenever you need it)

Some drawbacks of Drupal are

  • Some people find Drupal as too technical and confusing when compared to WordPress
  • As Drupal provides endless possibilities, people need to put some extra effort to expand their website’s functionality

So, which content management system should you use for a business website?
In summary, all the three content management systems are best for building a solid product. However, the need of using a perfect content management system differs based on some situations and requirements.

If you are looking for a best user-friendly and search engine friendly platform to build a business website or a personal website, then WordPress is the perfect choice. Suppose, if WordPress can’t meet all your requirements, then you can choose Drupal, which is a serious enterprise grade content management system.

However, if your developer knows Joomla and likes to use it to develop your website, then you can go for Joomla. Otherwise, it is better to avoid using Joomla to build your website because Joomla is not user-friendly as WordPress and not technically brilliant as Drupal.

Hope, the above given information will help you to take an informed decision about which content management system to use for your business.

Drupal – A Best Content Management System with Exceptional Basic Features

As there is an increasing demand in Drupal development services, one can easily get a thought regarding the need of Drupal developers. Drupal is a one amongst the most famous open source web development platform, created by a community of highly experienced web developers.Drupal-Best-CMS

By using this popular web development platform, web developers can effortlessly build any discernible web design. Even though Drupal is a free and open source content management system, it contains all basic features that are essential for you to build an effective and powerful website.

Some of the fundamental features of Drupal are as follows:

  • Menu Management
  • Community Websites
  • Forums
  • Page Layout
  • System Administration Customization
  • Brochure Ware
  • Individual or Multiple User Blogs

Drupal web development professionals utilize all the above mentioned fundamental features for creating the outstanding content management systems. In this content management system, some incredible collection of building tools and templates are already installed. Thus, Drupal developers can utilize all the in-build tools and templates of Drupal for developing efficient websites.

A best aspect regarding this content management system is website developers, who use Drupal to build websites, are not required to learn any coding. Also, the website developers are not required to build websites from scratch.

In fact, website developers, who have very good knowledge of Drupal development, can take vantage of the in-build Drupal features, which are already installed, to build the feature-rich Drupal websites.

The following are some of the exceptional features of Drupal:

  • Flexible and Robust Content Creation
  • Easy Administrator Controls
  • Attractive Dynamic Designs
  • Arrange Content Easily
  • Numerous Plug-ins and Add-ons

Flexible and Robust Content Creation: With Drupal, it is extremely easy to manage or control the content of the website. Modifying or changing the content management system features are also involved with Drupal website development.

Easy Administrator Controls: Using Drupal content management system, one can effortlessly customize access as per specific requirements. By using this content management system, user management is extremely easy.

Attractive Dynamic Designs: Developers can effectively build engaging and dynamic website designs by utilizing this content management system. If your website designs are looking gorgeous and eye-catching, then this results into engaging website for doing business on the internet.

Arrange Content Easily: Using this content management system, website developers can effectively upload and control web content. Indeed, the website developers can categorize and arrange web content by the utilization of URLs. Moreover, website developers can also reuse or structure web content.

Numerous Plug-ins and Add-ons: Most Drupal website developers are utilizing this content management system because a huge number of wonderful plug-ins and add-ons are regularly updated by website developers and programmers. Because of this in-build flexibility, website developers as well as website programmers are able to include some exceptional creativeness in plug-ins and add-ons development.

Thus, Drupal, an open source content management system, simplifies the whole process of connecting and communicating with users. By using this content management system, you can access many essential tools like connecting and interaction tools such as social media plug-ins, Search Engine Optimization tools, and many more.

To utilize all the above mentioned features of Drupal, you have to hire a Drupal Developer from a reputed web development company.

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Hire Joomla Programmer to Accomplish Your Web Development Requirements Affordably

To get a powerful web solution for your web development, you need to select Joomla as your website development platform. Joomla is one of the most popular Content Management System or CMS mainly used for the development of blogs, websites and intranet.

As per the statistics taken during the period from 2010 to 2011, it has been declared that more than 38% downloads boosted and also it has over 27million times downloaded yet. Hence, Joomla is considered as the world’s most popular downloaded CMS solution.

By using this robust website development platform, you can able to get an affordable website development solution for your business requirements. Suppose, if you are looking for a custom-made website development solution, then you need to find a Joomla developer who has thorough knowledge in the domain.

Joomla Web DevelopmentHowever, to get advantage of the Joomla website development platform, you need to find a developer who has in-depth knowledge in PHP also. Hence it supports object oriented programming, it simplifies the tasks of the developers who develop websites and web applications.

As Joomla provides various extensions, it helps you to enhance the functionality of your website that include

  • Components
  • Plug-ins
  • Modules
  • Templates
  • Languages

Moreover, Joomla enables you to build various types of websites such as

  • Ecommerce Web Application
  •  Business Website
  •  Social Networking Site
  • Community Sites
  • Job Portal

Before selecting a Joomla developer to build your website, you need to make sure that the Joomla developer has good experience  in different web application development.

Also, ensure that the Joomla developer has the capability in developing the following:

  • Template Development
  • Theme Development
  •  Extension Development such as modules, plug-ins & components
  • Web Hosting
  • SEO Friendly Web Development

As per the survey, around 1.5 million websites are powered by Joomla. Also, Joomla is used by various large organizations all around the world. This shows the popularity as well as the robustness of this open source Content Management System solution.

Joomla has highly customizable features and hence it helps website developers to develop websites based on the specific requirements of their customers. Therefore, you can make use of the Joomla’s advanced features as well as the functionalities at an affordable price.

As Joomla is an open source Content Management System, it is available for free on the internet.  Hence, to use Joomla for developing your website,  you are not required to pay any license fees.

When hiring a Joomla programmer, you need to have very careful attention. You need to gather information about the Joomla programmer and find out whether the programmer has enough experience working on this platform and developing various types of web applications.

Before hiring any Joomla programmer or Joomla professional, you need to think about some essential criteria such as cost factor, support, work dedication, reliability and maintenance services.

Based on your project requirements, you can hire an individual Joomla programmer or a Joomla programmer from any reputed web design and development company. The web design and development companies provide reliable and cost-effective services that help you to fulfill all your web development needs.

Therefore, by hiring professional Joomla developer, you can able to get the perfect web solution by adopting this most famous CMS solution.

Advantages of Hiring K2B Solutions – A Web Design Company from India

Today, technology has made you to step into the next leap from old black and white overheads to attractive websites that integrates animations, graphics, audio, video, etc.  An attractive website helps you to promote your business all over the world in the most effective manner. An effectual website can not only increase the number of audiences but also the sales and business opportunities of your online business.

To get an attractive and robust website, you need to hire a web design and development company that provides the best web design services, which takes your business to great heights.

K2B Solutions is a Web Design and Development Company provides affordable and proficient web design and development services for all your web development needs. We have been a successful web designing company in India, providing efficient and intellectual web design services based on our clients’ business requirements. We create user-friendly and SEO friendly websites that can not only increases the site traffic but also the business growth.

Besides providing efficient and affordable web design services, K2B Solutions also offer other benefits such as

  •          Time saving
  •          Money saving
  •          Cost-effective web design services
  •          Reliable and trustworthy web design services
  •          High quality web design services
  •          Prompt customer support

Time saving: Hiring K2B Solutions from India for web design and development services saves your time since you are not required to constantly monitor the web development process. Our web designers and developers provide you the scope of work before start developing your project. This gives you a clear idea about the work done by them and thus enables you to concentrate on your business easily. Our web designers and developers also give you the detailed reports that include the daily updates about the work done by them.

Money saving: K2B Solutions is a leading web design and development company seeks to understand the needs of your business and always looks for ways to save your money. However, we look for the technical solutions that help your business to grow at a very low-cost. By hiring K2B Solutions, you can able to efficaciously reduce the production cost of your company. We help you to increase efficiency that will help you to maximize the production output. Hiring K2B Solutions also enable you to eliminate the initial set up cost and hence you can use that money for your business promotion.

Cost-effective web design service: Cost is not at all a problem when you hire an offshore web design and development company. K2B Solutions, an offshore Web Design and Development Company, provide efficient web-based solutions at a very affordable costs, which you cannot find in any other web design and development companies. We provide guaranteed best web design and development services at very reasonable prices.

High quality web design services: K2B Solutions fully understand the clientele needs and provides web design and development services based on it. We provide both user-friendly and SEO friendly websites that facilitate easy navigation for users and also the cross-browser compatibility. We use latest quality control methods throughout the web development process, to ensure that the final product is in accordance with clients’ expectations.
web_design_barReliable and trustworthy web design services: K2B Solutions has rich experience and knowledge in web design and development. Therefore, the websites that we design for our clients are more reliable and accurate in terms of output. Our collaborative and passionate approach in web design and development makes your website trustworthy. We provide web designs services with free of errors and bugs, results in appealing web designs.

Prompt customer support: If you hire K2B Solutions, you will get assurance that you can get timely and valuable customer support. Our web designers, developers, technical support staffs and other professionals are always ready to solve your problem related to your business-oriented web design. After sales support is the most important service that we provide after delivering the project to our clients. We also make sure that you will not face any problem related to web design again.

So many companies are offering web design services in India, what set K2B Solutions apart?

  •          Committed, enthusiastic and expertise team of web designers and developers.
  •          Agile web design and development methodologies used to create websites based on the needs of our clients.
  •          Latest web technologies used to create websites and web applications.
  •          Long-term and trusted partnership with clients.
  •          Expert insights that our clients seek.
  •          Timely delivery of web solutions to clients.

Hiring a web design company is very imperative to the success or your marketing campaign. Thus, it is important to make wise decision when hiring a web design and development company. K2B Solutions wants to become your web design and development company of choice.

Website Design Company IndiaIf you hire K2B Solutions as your web development company, we will help you to grow your market size, raise your leadership position and maintain excellent customer service. We offer an outstanding performance that you expect by providing you robust websites and thus help you to target the audiences that you want.

Unlike other web design and development companies, K2B Solutions is not strictly adhering to specific programming languages, development platforms, software tools, etc to create web design solutions. However, we incorporate the current web technologies that support web design and development process and thus provide preeminent web designs solutions that are compatible with our clients’ needs.