Apps are draining batteries too fast! That’s sad. But, not any more.

Mobile is becoming everything and is almost ruling every industry. With the advancement in the smart technologies, the need for smart applications in tremendously increasing among the user as they are expecting applications to support them in their day-to-day tasks. The demand has grown the number of mobile applications on the respective app stores, but only a few has secured the top spot in the list of reputed and recognized apps. Why this situation? Recent reports stated that the main reasons for the increase in the number of uninstalls are that the apps might not have the necessary features and they drain the juice of the parent smartphones. The advancements in the mobile phones are increasing day after day but still the battery consumption problem remains a threat to most of the mobile phone users. To be more precise, it gets even worse when the technology is advancing with many new features. The solution to this problem is in the hands of the mobile apps developers.

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Rick Schwartz, the senior product manager at Qualcomm Technologies, said that the carriers and the users/consumers understand the important of better battery backup. He also added, “Recent surveys have shown it’s the No. 1 [issue] to consumers. It’s more important than screen quality.” Manufacturers have increased the battery power but still it couldn’t meet the pace of the advancements in the faster processors and CPU cores. Not only the processors but also the displays are getting bigger and better with higher resolutions. “The smartphones are getting thinner, and it is evident that thinner the phone, thinner the battery,” said Schwartz.

Mobile App Battery Drained

How can developers be at the rescue?

Optimizing battery life is the most important aspect of a mobile users experience. It is an apparent fact that without power none of the mobile phone’s feature work. This is the main reason why battery optimization is considered to be on the top while developing a user-friendly mobile application, irrespective of the platforms. There are three primary things to keep in mind while developing an app:

  1. Apps should be lazy
  2. Use the platform features
  3. Make use of tools to monitor battery consumption

Make apps work LAZY:

Making apps lazy doesn’t mean that your apps should work slow rather make ways to reduce and optimize functions that cause the battery to drain. Few questions act as the core that underpins Lazy First design:

  • Are there any unnecessary features that the app can cut out?
  • Is there any necessary for the app to perform a particular function right away?
  • Is there any chances of the work to be batched?

Many similar questions should be answered when it comes to using the radio, the screen, and the CPU. Many popular apps use this lazy first design to make sure the app performs well without draining much battery.

Take advantage of the platform features:

iOS and Android are the most popular mobile operating system. These platforms are equipped with a lot of functions that help almost every aspect of the app and the related development. For example, Android platform provides two type of categories to help control battery consumption. All the leading platforms provide APIs to help the developer gain advantage from the operating systems’ features.

Find the battery-draining culprit using tools:

There are loads of tool available on the world wide web (WWW) to help locate the battery draining culprits. Using the identified data, the developer can quickly sort the battery consumption problems. For example, Android has Profile GPU Rendering and Battery Historian that assist in determining the areas which can be optimized for battery backup.

Best practices to improve the battery life:

CPU usage is the main criteria for the battery consumption. Managing the CPU usage will help to decrease the battery usage while making the battery withstand for long hours. Here are some primary ways to follow in the mobile apps development process to reduce battery consumption:

  • Using dark colors
  • Using JPEG instead of PNG
  • Eliminating network requests
  • Restricting JavaScript usage
  • Controlling hardware acceleration

In recent times, mobile app developers are focusing more on the battery consumption factor as the users are using their mobile for almost everything. Incorporating the best practices like the above mentioned are sure to make your apps trustable and reliable.

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Build your mobile apps using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript

The Web Apps

A mobile web app – in concise can be considered as nothing more than a website that’s wrapped within an isolated package to can be run as an application.

Let’s have a look at how it came to be, and what one will need in order to create mobile app.

Into the trend

The smart phones have brought the world to its users’ hands, with that the need for businesses and brands to make best use of this extended reach, towards their potential customers. To that extent, the companies have taken to going mobile, however the path was split clear into two; they had to either go with the mobile apps developers or website developers.

Mobile apps designEach approach had its specific advantages and equally down dragging issues.

•    The mobile apps design needed to be device specific; that is specialized based on their individual platforms like the iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc -hence called the native apps. These were expensive to create and to sustain, as the companies needed to invest individually in-order to cover the whole market.

•    The website approach was much easier on these terms as they were common to all, irrespective to their platform, thus keeping the expenses relatively low. However, being a website, the extent to which it can access to the individual mobile device’s different technologies (such as its built-in cameras, address books, geo-tracking, etc) was greatly restricted; making this option viable, however not as effective as the native ones.

This left many businesses “wanting”, for a better approach; an approach that would single-handedly take care of these needs and provide them with an overall solution, like a path through the middle of this split.

What makes the mobile web apps – tick!

The solution came with the advent of newer technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS3. Many saw better possibilities, and hoped that this solution would bring a permanent change to the existing trend – It did.

Through the decade, these technologies grew tremendously and incorporated within the trend to deliver a solution that was most apt and right for the current demands. With bettered performance and improved reliability, the technologies along with JavaScript took the app development world for a spin.

Now, the mobile apps market saw a change, where applications that were “web-based” brought the advantages of both the worlds together; to be precise – the cross platform support of a website and the usability of a native app. By taking advantage of these factors, the web-based mobile apps were able to meet various demands of the decade, thus, providing businesses and brands the solution they have all been anxiously seeking until now.

The combination of HTML5 along with CSS3 and JavaScript proved to be a powerful tool in creating such solid web apps that were very effective at delivering full-fledged mobile apps atmosphere.

Thus, this new approach not just affected the “how to build mobile apps?” aspect but also “who can build mobile apps?” as well. That is because developers and designers with skills and experience to create excellent websites were now able to take to developing and designing applications as their second nature. This gave Smartphone app development a boost that drove it right through the roof.

The truly portable apps

With cross platform mobile app development taking the lead when it comes to app preferences, by both the businesses and individuals alike; it is only natural that the demands for web apps have increased greatly. This added to the increase in web access speeds of the mobile devices in recent times, (such as through 3G and 4G) the ease of usage of web-based applications have made these apps the appropriate choice.

That being said; the HTML5 mobile app development is a very stable trend that has made even Microsoft to now take steps at supporting HTML5 with its IE. Hence, every reputed mobile apps development company has taken to providing related web app development services.

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