Link Building Strategy 2017 – Infographic

The online industry is becoming the fort of the digital marketers. There are many techniques used for creating brand awareness, and one such technique is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Using SEO, the marketers or the digital marketing companies are helping clients around the world to rank high on SERP. The key process of SEO is Link Building, and the below infographic explains in detail about the link building process.

Link Building Strategy 2017


How Mobile Apps’ push notifications feature benefits your business?

The number of mobile users are increasing and never expected to go downhill as the modern world want everything handy. Business apps or mobile apps for business is a great tool for every organization to reach new customers and also to stay in touch with the existing clients consistently. Companies use push notification as a medium to communicate with their customers whenever necessary. The below infographic gives a detailed picture of what push notification is all about and how it is useful to business:


Personal Mobile Assistants – A Close Friend in Your Hand

The personal mobile assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and Microsoft’s Cortana are helping work on mobile through voice activated commands. These engines are clever enough to observe everything the owner speaks and responds spontaneously to the queries. It can invoke anything i.e mobile apps like calendar, alarm, email, etc. The following infographic has everything single information about the major voice activated mobile assistants.


Social Media Marketing – A Boon for Your Business

With increasing market demands, Social Media is sure to take the world of sales and marketing to greater heights. Facebook is leading the race followed by Google+ and twitter. Social shopping is taking up its head as 74% of online users use social media. Modern day marketers use it as the primary platform to announce or launch their product and business services.

As a result of a research, K2B Solutions’ digital marketing team designed this infographic on Social media marketing and its impact on business.