Top Tips – Effective ways to drive traffic to your website!

Driving traffic to your website is one of the primary aspects towards promoting your business, service or self – online. Before we head into the “Hows” of it, let’s be real and understand the “Whys”.

Why would we want to go through all the trouble of getting huge traffic to our website if it’s not going to influence our sales or promotion in a “positive” way? Likewise, why would customers want to visit a website if they are not going to gain or benefited from it in any way?

So, providing them with things that they could return to should always be your main goal when working towards increasing traffic towards your website. Now, let’s have a look at the “Hows” part – the reason why you are here for.

Traffic-SEOThe Strategic Publishing of New Contents

You might have already learn that publishing new contents on regular basis is one of the ways of improving traffic to your website. That’s very true, however if you are publishing contents that are of low quality or that which doesn’t offer anything new to the visitors, your contents are not going to make much of a difference towards your websites traffic. You could experience a small jump in numbers, though it’s not going to be consistent.

So, how to publish contents that are going to make the difference and bring about the much needed traffic to your website. The following points should help you achieve that.

•    Post a minimum of 20 new contents in a month.
•    Make sure they are all unique from what’s already available on the web.
•    Take time to ensure these posts are without any errors, as these deplete the value of the post.
•    Keep in mind that the contents should add value to the visitors.

You many think, how could a company offering services that are completely unrelated to blogging or writing, handle such kind of demands to keep their website up on the top and help run your business running lushly. The usually solution to this demand that most companies follow is to get a team that is dedicated towards maintain the content flow of their websites.

However, other top organizations have been known to pursue blogging services from exclusive “content development companies” who are expert at providing such blogging solutions for business of all kinds and types.

Optimize your Website to  Search Engine

Google search is dominating the global search domains, hence, it is only smart that you work your website such that is Google friendly. By which we mean that your website must have undergone Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for better placement on Google search results.

Working along with the website’s contents and KeyWords infusions, SEO of a website can improve your business’s position on the global scale. Understanding Google’s algorithm and guidelines is very important when it come to optimizing your website. This is a daunting task, however here are few things that you can do immediately to improve the SEO of your site.

•    Add descriptive titles that are accurate to the services you provide.
•    Make sure the Tags you attach to your content are not misleading.
•    Try to ensure that your website contents are easy on the load time.

Working on these aspects of your websites should eventually raise your website’s rank. However, is you are willing to put some extra money into this effort, you can buy page ranking subscriptions from Google on certain KeyWords for a premium. Also, you could hire a SEO service to do this delicate work for you.

Using the Social Tools

Next in this list is using the available Social Networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, etc to your advantage and making them work as an advertising tool for your business or service. One of the most interesting aspects of these social sites is that they offer you a “share” feature. What you can do with this feature, is use them as a tool for advertising.

Advertisement as always and will always play a vital role in the promotion and expansion of any business. Only the advertising modes may differ. Here are few things that you can do, in order to make best use of these social networks.

•    Provide widgets and buttons of the popular social networking site on your websites.
•    Make it so that it is easy for the visitors to share your contents online.
•    Link your contents to multiple social networks, any of it could prove to be a lucrative source.
•    Participate on form discussions providing informed and informative comments.

All these efforts along with few videos about your services or business on YouTube should prove to be an effective alternative to the traditional modes of advertisement.

Following all these above steps should effectively improve your website’s traffic.

Why Social Media Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing?

In today’s ever-changing and fast-paced world, social media marketing has revolutionized the way how companies and business people interact with their clients, partners, dealers, suppliers and others who are important to their businesses.
Even traditional media, such as television, radio, magazines and newspapers, is also partly moved online where they can easily share their information to a huge number of people all around the world.

Today, marketers are questioning the real differences between traditional marketing and social marketing. Is social marketing is really better than traditional marketing? Let us look at the benefits of social media campaigns in comparison to the conventional marketing strategies.

Social Media is cheaper: The major advantage of using social media for marketing or promoting is that it costs nothing for businesses to set up social media accounts. Using social media, businesses can reach a lot of people for a fraction of the cost than they can reach through traditional media. Social media not only makes your business promotion easy, but also allows you to do it with free cost.

Effective One-on-one communication: Social media marketing enables most companies to have a conversation with the people, who are important to their business, in such a way that few promotional tools can make. The conversational nature and the easy accessibility enable businesses to easily connect with their clients one-on-one. Using social media, they can respond to their customers’ or others’ comments, feedbacks and posts everything instantaneously and vice versa the way they do business.

Generate pre-qualified traffic: If you use social media for marketing, then it is easy for you to drive pre-qualified traffic to your website, and thus generate sales and profits. Generally, people who are interested in your company will follow your company social pages regularly. So, in order to attract many people and make them visit your website, you can post updates on social networks regarding your new products, offers, discounts, and run exclusive promotions. Even though, it is possible to generate traffic by using traditional media, the prospects that are gained through social media would be definitely warm leads.

Flexibility and adaptability with campaigns: Suppose, if you have signed off on traditional marketing campaigns such as newspapers, magazines, television or radio advertising, then you will be having some restrictions on the changes that you can make, without acquiring a huge amount of cost. However, if you use social marketing, you will have the adaptability and flexibility to include or remove promotions, and also you can make changes to your campaigns through social networking websites at a moment’s notice with very less set up time needed.

Easily evaluate the results: You can able to easily evaluate social media campaigns by using social network analysis software such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and so on. This software helps you to find the metrics such as how many users clicked on links, how many people shared the links with their community, and which network refers the highest traffic to your website. Whereas, measuring the success of conventional offline campaigns like advertising or public relations is very difficult.

Therefore, social media has become a very important channel for news as well as information distribution and utilization that has taken over the benefits of traditional media. That is, social media has replaced the traditional media significantly by presenting great information consumption and distribution channel. Furthermore, the recent trend shows that the popularity of social media has grown over the past few years, and also the growth remains the same trend.