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What you need to do to make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly?

You have an e-commerce website for your online business. Well done. But, is it mobile-friendly? If no, then that may be the main reason why your website is not preferred by most users for shopping.

Because, in the recent past days, more and more people are turning to their handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets to access the web. So, it is important that your e-commerce website must not only be user-friendly but also be mobile-friendly.
Mobile-ecommerce-storeFurthermore, the web design must be conductive in order to make the e-commerce portion of the website navigation-friendly, i.e., easily accessible for users. Always keep in mind that the users may not have enough patience and also may easily get frustrated. So, make sure that the users must stay on your e-commerce website, and they can able to complete the purchase or transaction in a timely manner.

So, are you ready to make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly? If yes, here are the three ways to go about achieving your goal.

  • Keep everything simple: Never make the navigational system overly confusing; always make it simple and easy. Ensure that the users can able to view a clear and concise navigational path towards buying your products or services. Once your e-commerce mobile website is developed, imagine that you have never used the website and look out the website at your customer’s perspective. Then customize your website to meet all your customer’s requirements. Always make your website simple, fast and easy, and also make your navigational links obvious. If everything in your e-commerce website is concise, quick and smooth, then the number of purchasers using your site will be increased, which in turn increases your retention rate and profits.
  • Make your e-commerce website responsive: A responsive web design is an approach in which the information from a website is converted to fit different types of devices such as mobile phones and tablets. To provide an optimal viewing experience to your users, make your e-commerce website responsive. When your website is responsive, it makes it much simpler for the users to access what they need from your website. The most important things, such as products, services and the e-commerce portion, have to pop right out at the customer, allowing them to have a quick and on the go access to the mobile commerce portion, and hence successfully complete their purchases.
  • Use WordPress to build your website: WordPress is an open source blogging tool that provides a huge variety of plug-ins and enables you to build an effective mobile-friendly websites easily. For example, WP touch is one of the plug-ins that will make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly and accessible. That is, this plug-in allows the users to see a mobile version of your e-commerce website on their mobile phones. In case, if you don’t have WordPress, then you can still use other ways to make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly. So many methods and approaches are available to make an e-commerce website mobile-friendly. So, choose a best one for your e-commerce site to achieve what you need.

At K2B Solutions, our expert web design and development team can help to make your e-commerce website more mobile-friendly for your users. We set up WordPress through your e-commerce website to make the entire process simple.  Also, we make the navigational links simpler and concise, and thus make your e-commerce website responsive, which can help retain your customers and maximize profits for your online business.

Why Mobile E-Commerce or M-Commerce is crucial for your business?

The success of your business depends on the ability to adapt the latest technologies and accommodate your customers in the best possible way. Nowadays, mobile usage has been rapidly increased due to the evolution of the internet and mobile technologies. Therefore, reaching customers via their mobile devices is very important to succeeding in today’s commerce landscape.
Mobile E-Commerce or M-Commerce is the best way to reach customers in this day and age. Mobile E-commerce or M-Commerce is nothing but the use of wireless handheld devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops, to conduct commercial transactions online i.e. sale and purchase of products and services, bill payment, online banking, information delivery and so on.

In this present market, mobile commerce and selling products through mobile applications have become more and more popular among people all over the globe.

The two main factors that assist the growth of mobile commerce are

  • Technological advances that have given wireless handheld devices, substantial computing power and advanced capabilities.
  • The demand for applications from an increasingly mobile customer and consumer base.

The way people buy products has changed since the days of going to a shop, buying a product and paying cash for it.  Most people are no longer drive hours to a shop to find that what they want. They use their handheld devices to find the detailed information, price comparison, review and many more about products.

Recent statistics show that online shopping helps you to save 78% more time when compared to do shopping directly in store, along with saving a lot of money in travelling to and from stores.

With most mobile phones now coming with 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi facility, people have started using their mobile phones to do online shopping instead of using their desktop computers. This change has provided seamless opportunities for business prospect.

Between the year 2012 and 2013, the traffic to ecommerce websites stemming from handheld devices and thus m-commerce has experienced a 254% increase every year and an average growth of 300%. Therefore, mobile commerce is becoming very important day by day.

So, mobile optimized delivery of your online business represents a momentous opportunity to increase relationship with your customers and maximize your profit. It is evident that mobile commerce allows your business to reach your customers closer to the purchase decision anywhere, anytime and anyplace. If you don’t have your business website tuned for mobile devices, then definitely you are missing major sales opportunities.

Considering the budget aspect, the development cost of a mobile ecommerce website is comparatively less than an ordinary ecommerce website. By having a mobile ecommerce website, you just opened a new sales channel for you. Having more channels for your business will help you to increase your branding and marketing possibilities.

So, to make your mark within shoppers, make sure that you have an m-commerce or mobile ecommerce website for your business. It is not only a competitive advantage, but a necessity for your business to provide a mobile commerce solution to your customers.