Comparing CMS Applications: DotNetNuke vs. Joomla vs. Kentico vs. WordPress

DotNetNuke, Joomla, Kentico and WordPress are the most popular Content Management Systems or CMS Applications used all over the world to power websites. However, even though each CMS has its advantages and shortcomings, you can build your own website of any kind. Let us now compare the features and other information about all the four Content Management Systems.


DotNetNuke Joomla Kentico  WordPress
CMS Release Date  February 2009  August 2005 September 2004 May 2003
Started by Walker’s company Forked  from Mambo Petr Palas Matt Mullenwegg and Mike Little
Company DotNetNuke Corp. The Joomla Project Kentico Software WordPress
Framework .NET PHP .NET PHP
Application Server Windows Windows, Linux Windows Windows, Linux
Licensing Model Open Source Open Source Pay Per Domain Open Source
Base Cost N/A Free Affordable Cost Free
Implementation Cost N/A Costly Free Costly
Usability Less Comparatively Less High High
No. of websites powered >7,50,000 >500,000,000 >10 million >10 million
Downloads >8 million >30 million >1 million >140 million
Top sites using the platform EricksonTribune, Magenic, SkyeTek Harvard University, The Hill BendixKing, RAC, Brantano Forbes, CNN, Sony
Free Themes  1,315+ 900+ 1000+ 2000+
Free Plug-ins 12,780+ 7000+ 10000+ 27000+
Best used for Commercial websites, corporate intranets and extranets, online publishing portals, and custom vertical applications e-commerce, social networking sites e-commerce, intranet, social networking, online marketing  Blogs, corporate websites, small-medium sized websites



Which Ecommerce System is Best for Your Business? Prestashop vs. Magento vs. OpenCart vs. VirtueMart

Which is the best CMS for Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions? The below mentioned detailed comparison of the four most popular Ecommerce systems helps you to find out the best one for your online store. Always keep your business goal in mind when selecting relevant CMS for your website development.

  Prestashop Magento OpenCart VirtueMart
CMS Release Date August 2007 March 2008 May 1999 September 2009
Started By Igor Schlumberger and Bruno Leveque Varien Daniel Kerr jenkinhill
Number of versions 7 15 28 27
Latest Version 1.5.6 2.0.24c
Number of Plugins and Extension Around 25000 Around 1500 Around 9000 Around 3500
Number of Online Stores Over 1,25,000+ Over 100,000+ NA Over 269,000
Popular Websites Using this Platform Vusion Glasses, eGolf-Balls, Archiduchesse NorthFace, Behr, Nike AU & UK Aight Shop, Anycart-Elegant, Alpha Shop Shogren, Envirocon, Digital DJ
Number of Twitter Followers 11,268 33,776 421 937
Number of Facebook Likes 27,915 6939 2009 2493
Type of Software Open Source Open Source Open Source Open Source
Most Popular in which Countries France, Spain, Indonesia, Czech Republic India, Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine Ukraine, Indonesia, Russia, Czech Republic USA, Russia, Germany, Italy, India
Monthly Maintenance Cost(Average) Low Medium Low Low
Global Monthly Google Searches (Exact) 165,000 201,000 90,500 50,000
Total number of Searches on Google 16,700,000 43,100,000 10,800,000 3,20,000
SEO Friendly 4.5/5 5/5 4.5/5 3.7/5
Ease of Installation Easy Moderate Easy Difficult
Ease of Customization Easy Moderate Easy Difficult
Number of Features Over 300 Over 350 Over 100 Over 500
Suitable Hosting Solution Shared, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated Shared, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated Shared, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated Shared, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated
PCI Compliance Support yes yes yes No
Recommended For Store owners, Developers, Designers Store owners, Developers, Enterprises Store owners, Developers, Designers Store owners, Developers, Designers

Worrying about technical problems on your website? Expression Engine is there for you!

Generally, technical problems are bound to occur on your dream website, but as a user you would not like to be left alone in dealing and solving the problems.

Online videos, articles, blogs and forums may give good insights, but the important thing that you need is somebody who can reach you as soon as possible, get straight to the in-depth of your problems and explain you what to do and how to solve the problems.

Expression Engine (EE) Content Management System is the best solution. This content management system consists of a dedicated support team that helps you at your beck and call. You will not be required to wait for an uncertain amount of time for simply getting response from the team, as you are dealing with highly qualified personnel. Also, you will be getting the assurance that you get the best expert solutions for all your problems.

Express-EngineExpression Engine is used to build comprehensive applications and websites. It provides you a full suite of extensions, themes and modules that enables you to build websites for almost any kind of requirements.

Some of the benefits of using Expression Engine are as follows

  • Strong Support: Expression Engine is the best content management system when compared to others because of its dedicated technical and professional support team. However, other content management systems have only official forums to address the requirements of their users. Hence, it is difficult for the content management systems to separate legitimate professional opinions from those that are not.

There are well-intentioned and highly qualified experienced developers there, but there are also developers who may not have the qualifications to respond your questions effectively.Moreover, there is no assurance that you will always get a response whenever you require.

The members of the forums may attend to you   straight away, but they may delay in responding you or refer you to another page. Also, they may sometimes ignore your questions completely.

  • Highly-extensible: The designers who use Expression Engine do not encounter problems when they do custom designs for their customers. As Expression Engine provides thousands of applications, themes, modules and plug-ins, the designers can able to easily figure out the right combination of components that is truly responsive to the requirements of the clients.The well-experienced developers of the Expression Engine community regularly update their libraries with their newest creations of free    as well as paid themes and plug-ins. Suppose, if what you need is not available, then your Expression Engine developer can build them       based on your requirements.
  • Secure: If you use Expression Engine to develop your website, then your website and its content will be highly secured. Expression Engine has a built-in framework that helps in integrating Captcha verifications (a plug-in that inform you whether a comment is automatically generated or not), an audit trail, content approval and e-mail verification. Also, Expression Engine supports secure sockets layer or SSL to provide more user security.
  • User-friendly: Foradministrators, Expression Engine provides a user-friendly administrative control with many features such as admin logs, searchable content forums, site membership, a blacklist and whitelist module, SQL, data export and extension manager. You can manage the activities of your users by assigning multiple administrators, create member groups, entail member activation, manage user profiles and customize fields.

It is not obvious to have a glitch-free website. However, you can always get help from someone to resolve your problems instantly. This is Expression Engine content management system’s area of specialty.

Expression Engine helps you to avoid the headaches that come from insufficient or delayed technical assistance. So, get ready to build your dream website today!