The Predictions – Mobile App Trends of 2017

The modern world is moving towards a shift where mobile phones will become an essential part. The increase in the number of mobile users directly increased the demand for mobile applications. In recent times, we have seen many changes in the mobile industry and 2017 is sure to become a year of full of surprises. Many mobile apps development companies and developers started predicting the trends of the mobile space.
Mobile app trends 2017


Impact of IoT on the Modern World

For many individuals and businesses, Internet of Things (IoT) might look like an abstract concept but the IoT is cleaning things and making a better future with optimal connections. The impact of IoT is industries and everyday life is huge and the industries like health and wellness, agriculture, supply chain management, transportation and household living are already blooming with the help of IoT. The below infographic details the impact of IoT in this modern world.


Apps are draining batteries too fast! That’s sad. But, not any more.

Mobile is becoming everything and is almost ruling every industry. With the advancement in the smart technologies, the need for smart applications in tremendously increasing among the user as they are expecting applications to support them in their day-to-day tasks. The demand has grown the number of mobile applications on the respective app stores, but only a few has secured the top spot in the list of reputed and recognized apps. Why this situation? Recent reports stated that the main reasons for the increase in the number of uninstalls are that the apps might not have the necessary features and they drain the juice of the parent smartphones. The advancements in the mobile phones are increasing day after day but still the battery consumption problem remains a threat to most of the mobile phone users. To be more precise, it gets even worse when the technology is advancing with many new features. The solution to this problem is in the hands of the mobile apps developers.

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Rick Schwartz, the senior product manager at Qualcomm Technologies, said that the carriers and the users/consumers understand the important of better battery backup. He also added, “Recent surveys have shown it’s the No. 1 [issue] to consumers. It’s more important than screen quality.” Manufacturers have increased the battery power but still it couldn’t meet the pace of the advancements in the faster processors and CPU cores. Not only the processors but also the displays are getting bigger and better with higher resolutions. “The smartphones are getting thinner, and it is evident that thinner the phone, thinner the battery,” said Schwartz.

Mobile App Battery Drained

How can developers be at the rescue?

Optimizing battery life is the most important aspect of a mobile users experience. It is an apparent fact that without power none of the mobile phone’s feature work. This is the main reason why battery optimization is considered to be on the top while developing a user-friendly mobile application, irrespective of the platforms. There are three primary things to keep in mind while developing an app:

  1. Apps should be lazy
  2. Use the platform features
  3. Make use of tools to monitor battery consumption

Make apps work LAZY:

Making apps lazy doesn’t mean that your apps should work slow rather make ways to reduce and optimize functions that cause the battery to drain. Few questions act as the core that underpins Lazy First design:

  • Are there any unnecessary features that the app can cut out?
  • Is there any necessary for the app to perform a particular function right away?
  • Is there any chances of the work to be batched?

Many similar questions should be answered when it comes to using the radio, the screen, and the CPU. Many popular apps use this lazy first design to make sure the app performs well without draining much battery.

Take advantage of the platform features:

iOS and Android are the most popular mobile operating system. These platforms are equipped with a lot of functions that help almost every aspect of the app and the related development. For example, Android platform provides two type of categories to help control battery consumption. All the leading platforms provide APIs to help the developer gain advantage from the operating systems’ features.

Find the battery-draining culprit using tools:

There are loads of tool available on the world wide web (WWW) to help locate the battery draining culprits. Using the identified data, the developer can quickly sort the battery consumption problems. For example, Android has Profile GPU Rendering and Battery Historian that assist in determining the areas which can be optimized for battery backup.

Best practices to improve the battery life:

CPU usage is the main criteria for the battery consumption. Managing the CPU usage will help to decrease the battery usage while making the battery withstand for long hours. Here are some primary ways to follow in the mobile apps development process to reduce battery consumption:

  • Using dark colors
  • Using JPEG instead of PNG
  • Eliminating network requests
  • Restricting JavaScript usage
  • Controlling hardware acceleration

In recent times, mobile app developers are focusing more on the battery consumption factor as the users are using their mobile for almost everything. Incorporating the best practices like the above mentioned are sure to make your apps trustable and reliable.

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How Mobile Apps’ push notifications feature benefits your business?

The number of mobile users are increasing and never expected to go downhill as the modern world want everything handy. Business apps or mobile apps for business is a great tool for every organization to reach new customers and also to stay in touch with the existing clients consistently. Companies use push notification as a medium to communicate with their customers whenever necessary. The below infographic gives a detailed picture of what push notification is all about and how it is useful to business:


WordPress 4.6.1 is secure compared with earlier versions.

WordPress has proved to be the top and most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world. Nearly 26% of the web is powered by WordPress, as of March 2016. Since it is one of the largely used CMS, the threats are wide open, and the data are vulnerable to security risks. WordPress community is one of the most active community offering continuous support. When it comes to security, secure your WordPress website with the available plugins developed by the community.

WordPress 4.6.1As a recent announcement, WordPress has launched 4.6.1 update focusing more on improving the data security and also, insisted everyone update their sites immediately to avoid security breach in any norms. The main reason for this updates is that the previous versions 4.6 and earlier were affected by two security issues:

  • Path traversal vulnerability
  • Cross-site scripting vulnerability

Version Release Details:

Reported by Dominik Schilling, the path traversal vulnerability was in the update package uploader. He is the member of the WordPress security team and led the WordPress 4.6 development. This threat paves the way for the attackers to gain unauthorized access to restricted directories and files using HTTP exploit. The second is a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the images filenames, reported by Cengiz Han Sahin, a SumOfPwn researcher. Using this threat, the attackers can inject malicious JavaScript code into the software through a crafted image file. Many bug hunters and security researchers of various levels of expertise gathered for a big bug hunting session to ensure they make WordPress more secure by identifying the security issues and patching it.

WordPress has patched these vulnerabilities in this release which makes the update the most secured compared with 4.6 and earlier versions. The release not only came out with the security patches but also with 15 other bug fixes from WordPress 4.6. The bug fixes include the strange behavior of backspace, email server setup, RTL problem, plugin install infinite loop errors and more. Get the complete fixes details from the Core.

Is this update necessary?

It is an apparent fact that updates are mandatory as updates carry fixes of bugs. WordPress is considered to be the world’s most popular CMS, and it’s open source which means the codes are available free. The attackers can plan for a security attack for various reasons using the loop-holes in the base codes. WordPress team is on top as they continually monitor and alters the codes to make it secured. WordPress 4.6.1 is one such as it carries two security patches along with 15 other bug fixes. It clearly states that when updated to 4.6.1, the WordPress websites are sure to be secured from vulnerabilities.

Who are the contributors?

WordPress has also listed the contributors of this version, Hulse, Robert D Payne, Drew Jaynes, Marius L. J. (Clorith), Felix Arntz, Fredrik Forsmo, Gary Pendergast, Ian Dunn, Ionut Stanciu, Jeremy Felt, Joe McGill, Pascal Birchler, Sergey Biryukov, geminorum, and Triet Minyy

How To Update?

Log in to your dashboard and click “Update Now” from Updates menu or download WordPress 4.6.1. Sites that support automatic background updates have already begun to update to the newer WordPress version.

Project Management – Do it the best way to succeed

Businesses are now evolving to newer heights and the practices are changing according to the needs of the businesses and customers. Project management is a tedious task as it involves time and money and even a small damage might cost high. When done properly, it might help save time along with bringing in proper prospects. Many software development companies and also web and mobile apps development companies are focusing more on project management techniques to improve the performance. This infographic has everything you need to know about proper project management.


Using LinkedIn Ads for Business? Here is what you need to know

LinkedIn is a popularly known social networking website for professionals around the world. It helps corporates to know information about professionals and techies. Many mid and enterprise level companies have started using LinkedIn ads to promote their business and related services. As it a network with professionals from all around the world, it is proving to bring more leads than any other available social networking websites.