Rebranding – Will it be your next big decision?


Why should I do? Will it eat my business leaving me empty? If not, then how will it profit me and my business? Will my customer stay on board if I do so?

These are some questions that commonly arise when you think of rebranding. What is rebranding? Rebranding is a process in which one change their brand logo, tagline, website and sometimes even the company/brand name. It doesn’t happen all of a sudden. It is a difficult process that involves a lot of effort and time along with some huge sum and plenty resources.Rebranding is the bridge from OLD to NEW. Concept 3D illustration.

Why should I do?

If you are a customer-centric company, then rebranding is sure to help/offer you with its full impact. As said before, rebranding involves a process in which something changes (be it a logo, a website or a workplace) to make it look or seem modern and attracted by and relevant to the end customers. Rebranding gives a new look to your overall business and even your organization. It states that you are up to date and sticking up with the modern society and your customers.

Will it eat my business leaving me empty?

This question is hypothetical. Sometimes the answer is ‘yes’. But don’t panic. Rebranding is sure to take you and your business to a new level that you dreamt, only if the correct and appropriate process with a detailed plan is followed. The process of rebranding fails and lets you down only when the process is followed/executed.

If not, then how will it profit me and my business?

Will it lend some profit or brand awareness? The answer is obvious – YES. The following couple of points is the primary advantages of rebranding.

  1. More that what you think. You customer are sure to love the changes your company does. Rebranding tells that you are updated and committed. Which attracts your audience and makes them repeated customers.
  2. New brand or rebranding always has the reach with the help of the newcomer advantage which reflects very much on your profit.

Will my customer stay on board if I do so?

As said rebranding a company is a head breaking process. But if it is done good and with proper rebranding strategy, then you are sure to yield what you expected and sometimes more that what you think. You customer are sure to love the changes your company does. Whatever it be, say a logo change, a website revamp or even a brand name change, your customer like their brand to be unique. When you satisfy their expectation, you and your brand are sure to be in the top list beating down the competitors.

You keep changing your look according to the changing society. The same applies for companies and brands. Stay up and stick with the modern world to beat down your competitors.

To know how to rebrand your business, you have to wait for few more days where we will post an article explaining the detailed process.

Author Bio:
A graduate in Engineering and Journalism with a passion for photography and travel, Dhinesh Rajarathinam loves to write about various niches from arts to technology. He is currently working as a Technical Content Writer in K2B Solutions, a leading Web and Mobile App Development Company in India.


Author: K2B Solutions

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