2015 – A year of important updates that impacts the complete web industry especially SEO

Till now in 2015 there have been many important announcements like many algorithm updates, introductions to long waited Instant articles and more. So the techies and web gurus call this year as a year of web and SEO updates. Even the eCommerce world is growing to a new level this year with the latest updates and new widget launches which supports the most of the mobile devices like notebooks, Smartphone, Phablets and more.

We would like to list out some of the important updates that made out in this year and also some special updates that are about to launch quickly.

2015 Web Trends

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

As said earlier, mobile friendliness is something more important as there is a huge increase in mobile phones usage and also the urge of on-the-go shopping. Yes, many people are making even their daily shopping through online portals like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target and more. As reported, around 87% of the people in the world use a Smartphone and in which nearly 68% do their shopping through Smartphone.

Because of this increasing mobile phone population, Google was levitated to launch an algorithm to support the mobile device. So in April 21st they launched a new algorithm called as Mobile-Friendly Algorithm (commonly called as the Mobilegeddon in the SEO network). It was a huge relief to common people as this algorithm supports mobile searches. Google reportedly said websites without mobile friendliness are out of the race i.e. they will not get their desired placement in the search engine page rank (SERP). Pages with mobile friendliness are sure to the ranked top on the Google search page. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then this is the right time to revamp your website to stay in the race.

Webmaster Tool’s Search Analytics

A couple of weeks, back Google stated that the mobile search has exceeded desktop and PC searches. Google’s spokesperson said, “More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” Recently, Google released a Search Analytics in Webmaster tools that help to know about the impact of the newly launched mobile-friendly algorithm.

Your Google Webmaster tool will display a new report named Search Analytics, which shows the impact of the new algorithm on your website. This report has an interesting feature called the Search Type filter. It allows you to view the clicks on the video link that other ways doesn’t provide. It is going to be a very useful feature as it helps to track many unknown results and event clicks (a clear click through rate [CTR]).

Ref from: Yoast.com

Facebook Instant Article

Facebook loves to do everything surprisingly and in a unique manner. The same happened with this launch too. They announced that the Instant Article will be on and it will now tested by publishers like National Geographic, NBC, BuzzFeed, The New York Times, BBC News, The Atlantic, Bild, The Guardian and Spiegel.

Instant Article was specially developed for journalists who love to share their story across the social network. It also helps the journalists to use rich media like images and videos to make viewers feel comfortable while reading and also to eliminate dizziness. This tool has one incredible feature that lets readers zoom in the high-quality pictures and videos listed across the article, and also the videos play automatically when scrolled through.

Not only the above mentioned, there are also many other updates that impacted the web industry and also few are yet to launch which is sure to a game changer in the web market. A couple of upcoming are explained below.

Bing Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Following Google, the Microsoft Master ‘Bing’ has announced that it will roll out its mobile-friendly algorithm. Like Google, Bing is also following the same grade and structure but in their way. The site with mobile friendliness is sure to hit the top ranks on the search rank, and the site without mobile friendliness is sure to be kicked off from the search ranks.

Unlike Google, Bing has not announced the exact date of the launch of the algorithm rather they are approaching slowly to make sure nothing goes wrong. Recently we found the mobile friendly label on the Bing searches that justify that they are approaching slowly and steadily. There are rumors that Bing will launch a new Mobile-Friendly tool to help webmasters to analyze the acting algorithm. According to the web world’s knowledge, the Bing Mobile-Friendly algorithm will be rolling out its algorithms in few months.

‘Buy’ buttons on Google Shopping Ads

Rumors are something so common to the web industry. There was a long-running rumor that the buy button will appear on selected Google shopping ads like it appears on Amazon and eBay. This rumor is likely to be live now as Google has planned to launch the BUY button in the upcoming months.

When users click on the Buy button, the page will be directed to another page where user chooses color, size and other product specifications. The rest will be taken care by the vendor or merchants i.e. the shipping, returns and all other the respective vendors will handle this.

Ref from: Search Engine Land

Author Bio:

Dhinesh Rajarathinam has a background in computer engineering, and is very interested in website development and mobile application. He is currently a senior editor in K2B Solutions, an outsourcing company that provides web and mobile apps development services to clients located across the globe.


Author: K2B Solutions

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