Instant Article – Facebook‘s new launch for journalists

As the innovator of many things, Facebook has stepped its foot to help Journalists and even the reader. Yes, Facebook has launched a new feature called Instant Article which helps readers to view easily and read articles, shared over the Facebook, on their mobile app’s news feed. After months of continuing rumors, they rebelled and launched this feature last week. The debut is greeted with articles which contain rich media (images, video) from top publishers like National Geographic, The New York Times, NBC, BuzzFeed, BBC News, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Bild and Spiegel.


What will it do in the newsfeed?

Everyone knows that Facebook will try to do things differently and will succeed at that task. The same happened in the Instant Article feature. As reported by Facebook, it takes eight seconds on average to load an article on Facebook. But, Instant Article is so fast that it loads articles ten times faster that that of mobile read articles.

Instant Articles are not only faster but also have many attractive features that help publisher to bring their stories to life. It has one feature where the videos play when scrolled. These articles come with inline comments i.e. one can easily comment on the individual parts of the article. There is also a zoom-in feature and high-resolution photos that help viewers to view images easily and conveniently.

Facebook allows the publisher to sell ads if they wish which is an attractive and very useful feature for the publishers. They are also allowed to track the articles metrics using a tool called comScore or they are given the freedom to deploy their tool to track metrics.

Why is it so useful to the publishers?

It is going to be one revolutionary tool for every publisher as it has some features that a publisher requires.

  • comScore traffic measurement compatibility
  • Google Analytics compatibility
  • Internal analytic tools compatibility
  • Monetization

Author Bio:

A graduate in Engineering and Journalism with a passion for photography and travel, Dhinesh Rajarathinam loves to write about various niches from arts to technology. He is currently working as a Technical Content Writer in K2B Solutions, a leading Web and Mobile App Development Company in India.


Author: K2B Solutions

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