Having Website for every Mobile Application is Necessary?

A mobile application is simply a software that is designed to work on hand held devices like smart phones, tablet computers etc., These applications are specific to the operating system they are created for and different versions of the application are necessary to be used on different operating systems.

Mobile Application WebsiteApplications replacing mobile-optimized websites:

A mobile-optimized website is a website that is modified specifically to be viewed on mobile devices. Mobile applications have gained popularity in the recent years and almost every company is interested in creating a mobile application to replace their mobile-optimized websites when accessed from a smart phone or a tablet computer. The applications once installed in the devices are easy to access as they are facilitated with in-built browsers eliminating the requirement for a separate browser. Updates to the applications are neither time consuming nor difficult. As a result of their advantages many companies have opted to create mobile applications for their websites. The most commonly seen applications include banking, games, educational applications and online sales.

Can mobile applications eliminate websites?

Use of a mobile application does not eliminate the necessity of a website. Mobile applications have their own share of drawbacks. In cases where an operating system does not allow the use of an application or does not allow upgrades to a particular application; the user is declined the benefits of the upgrades and has to access the website. Whereas, a website is not dependent on the operating system it is accessed from. Hence a website is necessary and can never be replaced completely by a mobile application.

Applications dependent on websites

An application in general is a simpler and a much attractive version of a website. A website has no working procedure and can be easily worked on. Whereas an application requires the users to follow specific working procedure. Although these working procedures are simple they are highly necessary and these working procedures are not usually described in the application. The application’s working has to be made available to its users through the same things that they were implemented to eliminate, WEBSITES.  This is currently followed by all the application providers and the users are allowed access to the websites. These sites are available easily on the internet and provide general information about the application, the working procedure to be followed, services provided and also trouble shooting.

On the whole, mobile applications are just a simpler and easily accessible version of websites and can never replace them completely but are rather dependent on them.


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