Top 6 trends and technologies that’s changing our future!

We have heard that “necessity is the mother of all inventions”, however, what is driving our innovations in modern times, is more than just necessity, it’s our “need” for futurization – meeting the technologies that we see in Sc-Fi movies!

To fulfill these needs of ours is what some have taken as their quest. Hence, we are bombarded with overwhelming number of new techs, every now and then. However, only few really capture our wonder and leave us in awe. Here are a few that did so.Top-6-trends-technology1.Staying Connected

We have already experienced how convenient it is, when our various devises such as smart phones, laptops and desktop computers are connected via network and make possible for a synced experience. Now, there is our TVs, watches, eye-wares and even cars capable of staying connected with each other and offering us unworldly comfort and accessibility.

This user pleasure doesn’t seem to stop there; with our fridges, heaters, electric meter and other appliances being able to stay connected and communicate between each other, the possibilities of this technology is practically – limitless.

2.Wear Them Too

Closely working in tandem with the above tech, the trend for having devices that are wearable is the “talk of town”. You wear them where you go, from activity bands and Google glasses to smart clothing and smart helmets; the wearable device trend is fast catching on and is leading every tech company out there to wage a war of innovation. These devices can keep track of their user’s daily activities and habits, to provide them with the right information – before they ask for it – how good of a future is that?

3.The (AR) Augmented Reality

Anyone who has seen Augmented Reality in action will know immediately that mankind has made a breakthrough with this technology. Like touch screens that changed the way we use some of our devices, the AR has the power to alter our realty to a whole new level. This amazing technology connects the virtual world with the physical world seamlessly. And with the type of connectivity we can envision being available in our coming future, this AR can open-up an engaging user experience across its digital space.

4.Algorithm to Learning

Now, with Google searches and email spam filtering we understand how our usage history and data can influence the future results. However, this is getting to be obsolete, as newer and more powerful technology is on its way. Called the Machine Learning Algorithm – this technology is based on the advancement in the algorithm of data collection and analysis. The algorithm is such that the system learns, develops and adapts to one’s personal usage, thus becoming capable of predicting and suggesting your future engagements.


Smartphone’s these days are probably used by more than half the human population on earth. They are with us right through the day, now they can collect information on our day-to-day activities and provide related recommendations, for example on what we can eat, where we can go, what we can read, etc. The mHealth’s potential to direct and improve the lifestyle of numerous users is unparalleled.

6.Print in 3D

The creative possibilities of 3D printing are only left to your imagination. From artistic creations to business potentials, like for sampling architecture or house planning and designing, this technology is beyond the capabilities of any other printer you might have known before. Being able to literally print solid objects, 3D printing could become a perfect business potential.

Companies would no longer need to keep a warehouse of spares – they can just print them into existence!

Other trends that could make some major influences on future lifestyle:


Online courses have been around for a long time now, however, its practicality when compared to traditional certification methods, was very negligible. This seems to be changing though, as lot and lot more of students are enrolling on these online certification courses.

Even physical universities have started to offer many online certification courses for their students; this includes globally top ranking universities.

Virtual Money

Have you heard of bit coins? If not – then, they can be considered as something that’s effectively equal to our physical currency, only now they are Virtual. Thus, unlike debit cards or credit cards that represent physical cash that can be used online, these virtual money are on a different level. They are currency on their own rights. Which, you can use to make your purchases or other transactions.

How, effective this will be is left for the future to decide.


Author: K2B Solutions

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