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Never mess up with your direction and never drive for miles down the wrong road. Get to your important engagement or a gathering faster and on time by never losing your way. Navigate your world and explore your favorite hangouts around you. As rapid increase in time, we must update our self with latest tools to keep up with our rate of knots.City Spot for IOS and Avdroid
City Spot – a world map application for mobiles will make you explore new things in the place where you live and wherever you progress across the globe.

Now, are you sitting at the edge of your seat to know more about the interesting facts of this fantastic app? Let us spot out all the most amazing features of this map application in this below section…

City Spot

K2B Solutions, a company into and web and mobile app development feels great to launch the mobile app ‘City Spot’ which goes well with Android and iPhones.

If you go crazy in exploring the renowned and famed amenities in a particular place, then get a friendly companion – City Spot to be installed in your handy device. This great app lends a hand to you in finding out most famous restaurants, theaters, banks, ATM’s, stations, educational institutes, parks, hotels, bars, malls, home appliance stores, travels, health and fitness centers, holy and devotional shrines, buildings near the place where you’re.

System-based specifications
GPS Tracking App
This city map application for mobile entails iOS 5.1 and it effectively runs in most recent versions of it. At the same time, City Spot for Android runs successfully in Android operating system with versions 2.3 to 4.3. This IOS app or an Android app is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. This mobile app helps you to spot the approximate network-based location and precise GPS location.

This striking app works effectively on all network connections like Wi-Fi, 2G and 3G networks.


1.    Location based augmented reality

The most striking and grand feature of City Spot is the ‘Location based augmented reality option’ in that app. This option will redirect to the camera in your friendly and handy device. Viewing the camera on a particular side will gives you a list of amenities you’re looking for. It may be a restaurant, hotel, ATM, devotional shrine, and so on.

2.    GPS tracking

This location-based Android app comes with GPS tracking – a satellite based navigation system which gives the information on all the amenities like tourist spots, fuel stations, restaurants, hotels, lodges, etc. This trait gives the shortest path between two places.
3.    Google Maps

If a user searches for a particular destination to travel through, City Spot will redirect to Google Maps to offer the utmost accuracy of places across the globe. This gives the speed map access and all the categories or the amenities that are in or nearby a particular place can be viewed easily and rapidly.

4.    Social media

The trip details from a particular source to searched destination can be saved for future purpose and it can be shared through email, Facebook, and Twitter with your beloved buddies.

5.    Trip Duration

The ‘speed of travel’, ‘distance covered’, and the ‘time duration’ taken for reaching a particular target can be measured. With this, the user can measure the time duration while on the go. By tapping the ‘Refresh Icon’ in this app will fetch the accurate current location and proceeds with your further searches.

Once an amenity is clicked, it will point out the intact list of services in that location. By clicking on the place-marker, the user can get the precise route to the marked target. Then the user can navigate in the route map by clicking the place-marker (Car icon) again to watch the current route activity.

Other Features

  • You can listen to music while using City Spot
  • While using this app, the mobile users can place or pick a call.
  • All the search locations and the trip details are saved for your future purpose.
  • Covers all the countries across the globe
  • This app is upgradable to its newest versions.

Ease your voyage as much as you can and ensure that you travel in a correct pathway while on the move. Spot your preferred spot across the globe at ease with City Spot!!!

AndroidDownloadIOS Download


Author: K2B Solutions

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